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12V relay which can be activated by a low-voltage control signal, This is an electrical switch with a coil, many contacts, and a spring-loaded armature, The purpose of this is to turn electrical circuits on and off

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12 Volt Relay Module


A 12V relay is an electrical switch that can be activated by 12 volts. The relay is usually used to control devices that do not have their own power source, such as lights, fans, and other appliances. They can also be used to turn on or off an electrical circuit depending on the amount of current passing through the circuit. If you want to turn on your refrigerator or air conditioner by turning a knob or button, this type of switch will allow you to do so without having an electrician come out into your home and install a new circuit breaker box.


A typical relay consists of 5 pins. they are:

-2 coil pins
-Normally open (NO)
-Normally closed (NC)
Apply control signals to the two coil pins. For 12 V relays, the potential of this control signal must be 12 V. The remaining three ie. COM, Normally Open, and Normally Closed, are part of the high current switch. In this case, the COM pin acts as a switch connection. It also acts as a fulcrum for the working surface. The COM pin typically connects to the 12V power supply that supplies components such as light bulbs.
As for the other two pins, the Normally Closed (NC) pin, as its name suggests, is  connected to the COM pin by default when  no control signal is present on the coil. However, as soon as we apply a valid control signal to the coil, the actuator moves to the normally open (NO) pin. Devices that need to be controlled by a relay are usually connected to the NO pin, but this may vary depending on the application.


Uses of 12V Relay

  • Relay 12V can be used as Automotive Relay
  • They can be used for both AC and DC systems for protection of Load appliances.
  • Can be used to control switching of light, motor, fan etc. with any programmable Microcontroller Unit like Arduino, node MCU and so on.

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12V 4CH Relay Board


12V 2CH Relay Board


Time Delay Relay Module (0-10 seconds)


2 CH 12V Relay Board


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4-CH 12V Relay Board


1-CH 12V Relay Board





1. How to wire a 12V relay?

12V relays are used for higher end machinery or sensors that are capable of outputting a 12V signal. For example, a 12V relay can be used in a car's lead acid battery, so in case the battery gets discharged and loses its voltage too much, the relay can cut off the connection thereby preventing further drainage.

Digital control pin of a 12V relay must be connected to a 12V capable output pin of a microcontroller or any controlling device like a sensor, in order to turn on the relay

2. How to use a 12V relay?

Giving 12V at the Relay control pin will close the circuit between N/O and COM while opening the circuit between N/C and COM. Giving 0V or GND to the relay pin will do the vice versa

3. How to test a 12V relay?

If the relay switches at its designed actuation voltage, then the relay works. You can easily measure so my hooking up a multimeter at the relay terminals and observing the voltage before and after the switching action


4. How to trigger a 12V relay?

A 12V relay is triggered using a 12V signal given to its control pin. Giving anything below 12V will turn off the relay and giving anything higher than 12V may potentially damage the relay


5. How much current does a 12V relay draw?

A nominal current consumption of a 5V relay is typically around 30mA, although it will vary between models. Please the check the relay specific datasheet to know the exact value


6. Where can I find a 12V relay online?

12V relays can be obtained from almost all online stores including Robocraze.


7. Where can I find a 12V relay nearby at a physical store?

12V relays are available in most electronic stores.


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