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A hot glue gun is an easy-to-use tool that uses a heated adhesive to bond materials together. It is used for various projects and DIYs, fixing household items, or even for industrial uses.

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Hot glue guns are portable devices that are used to dispense hot melt thermoplastic materials that are in the shape of tubular sticks. They are used as strong adhesives which are used to stick two surfaces or materials. Hot glue guns were created as a replacement for water-based adhesives which were used for the same purpose that is; bonding materials. These water-based adhesives were no good as their bond used to get weak once exposed to moisture. The industry today uses both sticks and bulk supplies depending on the application or the outcome they are expecting. Most hobbyists stick to hot glue gun sticks for greater simplicity.

Nothing beats a hot glue gun for arts and crafts and quick, easy patch-ups. Hot glue, unlike other adhesives, goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and holds firm when applied to a variety of surfaces. While its hold isn't the strongest, it can bond a wider range of materials than almost any other glue. Using a hot glue gun is simple if you follow a few basic steps and follow safety precautions.


Hot Glue Gun Prices in India

Hot Glue Gun type


60Watt Hot Glue Gun

Rs. 287/-

40W Hot Melt Glue Gun

Rs. 261/-

Glue Gun Stick - 1Piece

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1.Which glue gun is best for home use?

For home appliances or home use, the wattage rating of 10 - 20 watts is more than enough for your glue guns. While the wattage of 20W to 100+Watts is most common for industrial purposes. But you can use a higher wattage hot glue guns as well in your homes. Most glue gun molds heat between 3-5 minutes. But the gun which we offer heats up in less than 90 seconds. If you want a gun that heats fast and you want to use it as quickly as possible, then we suggest going for a 60W hot glue gun.


2.What is the difference between a glue gun and a hot glue gun? 

Glue guns are generally low melt glue guns. They use low temperatures around 250 degrees Fahrenheit, to melt and apply the glue. Hot glue guns use temperatures around 385 degrees to work. The normal glue guns are used for delicate materials like sensitive upholstery, while the bulk industry deals with hot melt glue sticks.


3.What is a glue gun used for?

Glue guns are used in small joint attachments, lamination purposes, and other product assembly applications like HVAC units and mattresses. They are also used to assemble small joints in furniture assembly and also extensively used in woodworking projects.


4.Is hot glue permanent?

Yes, hot glue is permanent as epoxy glue, and it is suitable for applications where epoxy cannot be used. 


5.What surfaces can you use a hot glue gun on?

Hot melt glue bonds well with a variety of plastics and provides a long-lasting bond. It can be used to fasten plastic to a variety of surfaces, including plastic, tiles, and wood, with the advantage of avoiding drilling or nailing, which can damage surfaces. Repairing various plastic objects is also possible with hot melt glue.


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