Reward Program

Earn RC Coins on every order! Redeem them for instant cash discounts or avail free products. Your coins, your choice!




1. Am I be eligible to get Reward Points?

Every time you place an order with your Robocraze account, you are eligible for Reward Points. Please note that you do NOT earn RC Coins when you checkout as guest.

2. Why didn't I get Reward Points?

Reward Points are credited only when Robocraze customers place an order with their official Robocraze account.

3. When can I redeem the Reward Points?

RC Coins can be redeemed on your next Robocraze purchase. Make sure that you are logged in into the same account that you placed initial orders with.

4. Why are my Reward Points deducted?

Reward Points are automatically deducted for all unsuccessful orders (cancellations and returns). If you have already redeemed the reward coupon, it will be deactivated and cannot be used.

5. Do the RC coins have any expiry?

Yes, the RC Coins have a 3 month validity, after which they expire. But do not worry, we will send you reminder emails to redeem them before they expire!