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The Raspberry Pi boards are a series of small single-board computers developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. These have different specifications and Each board has its own set of features and capabilities

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Raspberry Pi is an extremely powerful microcomputer. With a Raspberry Pi board, we have integrated a Quad-Core processor of various sizes, ranging from 1GB to 4GB of RAM, Bluetooth, and WiFi with the Raspberry Pi. Just starting with your unique Raspberry Pi project? A Raspberry Pi is what you need!

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Raspberry Pi Board Prices in India

The cost of a Raspberry Pi Model depends upon your needs, usage, accessories and other essentials. It is always suggested to buy the All in Raspberry kits that will help you chive the best experience possible. A Raspberry Pi kit usually includes the raspberry pi board, official keyboard, mouse, heatsink, case, HDMI cable, micro HDMI adapter, fan, SD Card, and ethernet cable. 

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Raspberry Pi 4 (1GB RAM)


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Raspberry Pi Pico


Raspberry Pi 400 Unit


Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+


Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3


Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 LT (Lite)


Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 V1.1


Raspberry Pi 3B


Raspberry Pi Zero WH


























Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

The Raspberry Pi 4 price in India offers exceptional value for the advanced computing power it delivers. With prices starting from around INR 5000. This compact computer system offers affordability without compromising on performance.  This device supports latest generation of powerful processor, memory options up to 8GB RAM for faster computing and enhanced graphics support with the presence of VideoCore VI GPU included in it. Apart from that, this board offers two HDMI ports 1 Type A USB3 port & 2 Type B USB2 ports along with Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity which makes sure all your day-to-day needs are met without any problem or delay due to insufficient hardware specifications offered by Pi 4 model b being sold on Robocraze store online. Whether you're a student, hobbyist, or professional, the competitive pricing of the Raspberry Pi 4 model b makes it accessible to all. Discover endless computing opportunities with the Pi 4 model b, available at an attractive price point in India at Robocraze India's trusted and Authorized Raspberry Pi 4 model b stores. Don't let budget limitations stop you— Buy Raspberry Pi 4 today and explore endless computing possibilities!


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What are the key Raspberry Pi board models available online?

There are basically two types of Model boards; A and B. The main difference between the two Raspberry Pi models is that Model A consumes less power and does not come with a Ethernet port while Model B is equipped with the ethernet port. 

The other key Raspberry Pi Models are

  • Raspberry Pi A+
  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Model 3
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Model 3 LT
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 4

Things To Consider While Buying Raspberry Pi board

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small credit card sized single-board computers, that plugs into your TV or display, and a keyboard and mouse. It is widely used to learn code or build electronics projects. It can also play high definition videos and games. The raspberry pi board comprises a program memory (RAM), processor and graphics chip, CPU, GPU, Ethernet port, GPIO pins, Xbee socket, UART, power source connector. And various interfaces for other external devices. It also requires mass storage, for that we use an SD flash memory card. So that raspberry pi board  will boot from this SD card similarly as a PC boots up into windows from its hard disk.


Essential hardware specifications of raspberry pi board mainly include SD card containing Linux OS, US keyboard, monitor, power supply and video cable. Optional hardware specifications  include USB mouse, powered USB hub, case, internet connection, the Model A or B: USB WiFi adapter is used and internet connection to  Model B is LAN cable.


What is a Raspberry Pi board?

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small credit card sized single-board computers, that plugs into your TV or display, and a keyboard and mouse. This small device enables people of all ages to explore computing and learning different programming languages like Python and Scratch. It can do anything and everything that a desktop computer can do like browsing the internet, playing high definition videos, playing games, making spreadsheets and other activities. The Raspberry Pi has the ability to interact with the outside world and can be used to create innovative projects like weather stations, FM Radio, wireless print server, IoT based industrial automation and many more.


How does Raspberry Pi work?

The raspberry pi board comprises a program memory (RAM), processor and graphics chip, CPU, GPU, Ethernet port, GPIO pins, Xbee socket, UART, power source connector  and various interfaces for other external devices.  It also requires mass storage, for that we use an SD flash memory card.

The SD acts as the hard drive of the Raspberry Pi board. It is powered by a USB and a video output that can be connected to a monitor or a TV via the HDMI port. You can further convert the raspberry pi into a modern normal computer by connecting it with a keyboard and a mouse.


Which Raspberry Pi board should I buy? 

For a robotics project: The Raspberry Pi Zero is a great fit for robotics projects. It provides great and optimum performance at a fairly great price. It is highly customizable and can be modified easily into different components.

For an industrial project: The Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Compute Module is best fit for industrial scaled projects. It can be used for tasks that require control and regulation with the help of IoT. It can be operated to learn its surroundings, circuit and software technology.

For a school science project: The Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 4 series is best recommended for school related projects. They are best suited for activities that do not require higher power, experimentation and educational purposes. It is intended to be used as an educational tool for those who wish to learn to program.

How can I buy Raspberry Pi boards in India?

Raspberry Pi boards are available on plenty of online stores like Robocraze. You can choose the model and select the required accessories from the comfort of your home. Raspberry Pi kits are also available in online stores which include all essential components for you to get started.

What are the ways to monitor a Raspberry Pi 4 system?

Monitoring a Raspberry Pi 4 system can be done in several ways. Firstly, you should look to utilize the built-in tools provided by the Linux operating system for resource monitoring and logging tasks that provide detailed views into your hardware and application performance. Additionally, you may use third party programs such as Nagios or Zabbix which are designed specifically for monitoring complex systems like those powered by Raspberry Pi devices. Finally, using remote access protocols (such as SSH) allow administrators to log into the board remotely from anywhere on their local network—providing real time analytics about usage patterns of device resources while notifying them if any errors occur during operation. By employing these methods, users gain an unparalleled level of insight when managing their Raspbian machines along with valuable troubleshooting information whenever they experience technical issues related to their operations.


What is the raspberry pi 4 price in india?

The Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest from the much-loved technology company and one of its most widely sought after products. This new model comes with powerful features, offering users unprecedented power in a small package - all at an affordable price tag! In India, this single board computer can be purchased for around Rs 3,500 to 6500 depending on RAM size and other variations. It provides you multiple types of ports as well as connectivity options like Wi-Fi 5/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which makes it very convenient to use while being highly portable too. The Raspberry Pi 4 has been lauded by experts worldwide for representing great value for money; its cutting edge computing capabilities will surely make any tech enthusiast jump with joy!


How to use raspberry pi 4 as a firewall?

Using a Raspberry Pi 4 as your firewall is an excellent choice for small businesses and home networks. With several available operating systems, you can easily configure the device to its optimal security setting according to specific network needs. For example, Raspbian OS offers a range of settings from basic firewalling projects up to advanced solutions with VLANs and port forwarding capabilities. Additionally, it provides customisable logging options so users can have better visibility over their network traffic data To ensure maximum efficiency when running such software on the RPi4 board always use at least two separate Ethernet ports connected directly into different switches - this way more efficient routing policies could be adopted thus maximising performance while keeping CPU load low throughout operation times . Last but not least make sure that any router-based firewall features are disabled prior deploying the new hardware based one in order avoid unwanted conflicts between rulesets.


How to install firewall on raspberry pi 4?

Installing a firewall on your Raspberry Pi 4 can be done quite easily. Start by downloading the appropriate software onto your device, then follow the instructions for installation and configuration in order to get up and running. After that, it’s important to configure settings so that all traffic is monitored within the confines of what you deem secure. This includes defining which ports are accessible while blocking others from accessing resources they don’t need or shouldn't have access to. With this approach you will be able prevent malicious programs from infiltrating into your system as well as limiting unwanted visitors who could compromise security protocols put in place with various layers of protection across multiple devices associated with one another—enabling users to navigate data securely without fear of unauthorized third-party interference or tampering activities online.


Where to buy raspberry pi 4?

Raspberry Pi 4 is an innovative technology offering immense potential for the tech industry. With its powerful processor and capabilities, it’s a great choice for hobbyists looking to make their own projects or just explore what computers can do. The best place to buy Raspberry Pi 4 is through authorised retailers such as Robocraze, we have certified products that offer quality assurance when purchasing your device so you know exactly what you are getting before investing in something new. Furthermore, we provide full customer support which ensures any troubleshooting needs during setup will be addressed quickly with minimal hassle on your part allowing quick access to this versatile board of wonders!


What is raspberry pi 3 price?

The Raspberry Pi 3 is an incredible piece of technology, and with its broad range of features it's no wonder why so many people are passionate about this device. In India, the most popular model - the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B- sells for around ₹3,600 INR. This model comes packed with all sorts of goodies such as 1GB RAM memory, a quad core Broadcom BCM2837 64bit CPU clocking at speeds up to 1.2GHz per core; integrated 802.11n wireless LAN; Bluetooth 4.0 and full HDMI port support! With great hardware specs backed by an amazing price tag – make sure you don’t miss out on getting your hands on what has been regarded as one of the best bangs for buck in terms of computer systems today!

How to connect raspberry pi to laptop using HDMI cable?


Connecting a Raspberry Pi to your laptop through an HDMI cable is quick and easy. To get started, attach the small end of the HDMI cable into your raspberry pi board's micro-HDMI port. Then plug in the larger side of the same HDMI cable into any available port on you laptop’s monitor or TV. Next, power up both devices by connecting them to their respective power sources - one via USB connection for Raspberry Pi and another directly from wall outlet if using a TV/monitor with built in speakers & microphone ports as well as other audio input including bluetooth enabled speaker systems etc., Finally set resolution settings from either device so that video output looks sharp across all connected screens before enjoying multimedia contents like gaming videos or movies streaming online without delay!


How do i connect my raspberry pi to outside network?

Connecting your Raspberry Pi to an outside network is a breeze! First, you will need to connect the device via Ethernet cable or by Wi-Fi. Once connected, log into your terminal and type sudo -ifconfig. This will display all of the information for connecting from external networks such as IP address, Netmask and Gateway settings. After ensuring that those are all correct enter in “sudo route add default gw [gateway]” Simply fill in your gateway value obtained above – this sets up routing through the main connection method on startup so it won't need changing every time you restart. Finally make sure everything works correctly by pinging any website or local host with 'ping' command (e.g.: ping www .) You should now be able to access other devices and websites outside of your network without issue!