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Buck Boost Converter

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In low-power DC/DC conversion applications, most modern power conversion is done using three types of converters: 

  1. Buck Converter 
  2. Buck-boost Converter 
  3. Boost converters. 

Buck Converter: A buck converter module is used as a step-down converter which is a DC to DC switch mode power supply. Buck converters are known as traditional voltage regulators; they are intended to buck or lower the input voltage which comes from an unregulated DC supply. It is used to stabilize or lower the output voltage. Buck converters are generally used in a large number of applications like microprocessors, communication equipment, and more.

Buck Converter Module Price in India 

Buck Converter  Price
MP1584EN Mini LM2596 ultra-small DC-DC step-down₹80/- 
LM2596 Mini 360 Aircraft Power Supply Step-down Module₹64/-
LM2596 DC-DC Buck Module₹54/-






Boost Converter: A boost converter works opposite a buck converter. It is intended to boost or increase the voltage of the output The boost converter also uses a switch, diode, and a capacitor. Boost converters conserve power. A boost converter triples the voltage and will only be able to supply one-third of the current it draws from the supply. 

Boost Converter Module Prices in India

Types of Boost Converter ModulePrice
0.9V-5V to 5V DC-DC USB Step Up Power Boost Converter Module₹48/-
LM2577 DC-DC Step-up Power Converter Module₹274/- 
150W Dc-Dc Boost Adjustable Power Converter₹171/- 






Buck-boost converter: A buck-boost converter module is a DC to DC converter. It has an output voltage magnitude that is greater or equal to the input voltage magnitude. A buck-boost converter is similar to a flyback converter but it uses an inductor instead of a transformer. The dc-dc buck-boost converter module (Step-down) is converted to a buck-boost module step-up module; the output will typically have the same polarity as the input. The output from this buck module can be lower or higher than the input.  A non-inverting buck-boost converter module uses switches instead of diodes and is called a four-switch buck-boost converter. 

Buck and Boost converter Prices in India

LM2596 & XL6009 DC-DC Adjustable Step-Up and step-down Power Supply Module boost and buck voltage converter₹ 394/- 





What does a buck-boost converter do?

A buck boost converter is capable of converting the DC input voltage to higher or lower in magnitude. This converter combines both buck and boost functions. 


What is a buck-boost module?

A buck boost module is also called a buck boost converter which can convert the output voltage magnitude to greater than or less than the input module. It is similar to a flyback converter which uses a single inductor rather than a transformer. 

When should I use a boost converter?

If you want to step-up your input voltage to a higher level, you need to use a boost converter. Here are some examples where you can use a boost converter: 

  1. Automotive applications.
  2. Power amplifier applications.
  3. Adaptive control applications.
  4. Battery power systems.
  5. Consumer Electronics.
  6. Communication Applications.


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