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A Zigbee module is a handy little gadget that enables wireless communication using the Zigbee protocol.  it doesn't consume a lot of power and can transmit signals over long distances. So  It's perfect for all your Internet of Things (IoT) projects

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XBee S2C + XBEE USB Explorer


XBee-PRO ZB S2B Extended Range Module


XBee S2C


Xbee Kit


XBEE USB Explorer


What is XBee?

Xbee refers to a family of devices from Digi that share form factor, host interface and a group of protocols you can select from. The Xbee module is manufactured by Digi International mainly used as a radio communication transceiver and receiver.


What is the difference between XBee and ZigBee? Are they the same? 

Xbee is a brand name for a family of devices manufactured by Digi that share a form factor and group of protocols that you can select from. Zigbee, on the other hand, is a mesh networking protocol built upon the 802.15. Zigbee is part of the Xbee family group.


What is the range of Zigbee?

Zigbee devices can transmit over a long distance by passing data through meshed networks that are built on 802.15. Its low power consumption limits transmission distances to 10–100 meters line-of-sight, depending on power output and environmental characteristics. 


What does a ZigBee module have?

The modules of the ZigBee are the elements that read sensor values and send the data to the coordinator through the wireless network. Zigbee modules were designed and assembled as part of this work and consist of a printed circuit board (PCB) with electronic components in a water tight box


What are the applications of Zigbee?

Adapting zigbee technologies at homes is a powerful step towards home automations. Different applications like controlling and monitoring energy consumption, water management, light control etc. have been made easier through automation using ZigBee technology.

ZigBee based RFID devices help provide reliable access management in industries. 


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