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Heat shrink tubes are plastic tubes that contract when heated. It is often used as electrical wiring insulation and to protect against abrasion and weathering. It is also useful for cable identification and organisation.

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Heat shrink tube is a shrinkable plastic tube used in electrical work to insulate wires and provide abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints, and terminals. 

Heat shrink tube is a basic component in most electrical setups that protects wires and electrical components from external factors such as moisture, dust, abrasion, and sharp objects. This type of damage eventually leads to shorts and failures. Heat shrink tube will also connect loose wires, connectors, joints, terminals, and splices, resulting in more organized and manageable bundles.


Heat Shrink Tubes Prices in India

Heat shrink tube type


5mm Heat Shrink Tube Black - 1 Meter

Rs. 17/-

4mm Heat Shrink Tube Black - 1 Meter

Rs. 15/-

2.5mm Heat Shrink Tube Black - 1 Meter

Rs. 10/-

Heat Shrink Tube (1 Metre)

Rs. 21/-


1. What is a heat shrink tube used for?

  • The term "heat-shrink tubing" (also known as "heat shrink" or "heat shrink") refers to a plastic tube that can be shrunk and is used to insulate stranded and solid wire conductors, connectors, joints, and terminals in electrical wiring by providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection.

2. Can I use electrical tape instead of shrink tube?

  • Electrical tape is simpler and quicker to apply and remove than heat shrink tubing, but it does not provide the same amount of protection against abrasion, corrosive substances, or the elements. This indicates that it may be an useful cable management option for short-term fixes.

3. Does heat shrink tubing work if you cut it?

  • Heat-shrink tubing will work effectively if it is cut to the proper length and applied correctly. To use heat-shrink tubing, slide it over the object to be protected and then apply heat with a heat gun, lighter, or other suitable heat source. Because of the heat, the tubing will shrink and form a tight fit around the object. However, if the tubing is cut too short or improperly applied, it may not provide adequate coverage or protection. When working with heat-shrink tubing, it is critical to follow the manufacturer's instructions and to use the proper tools and techniques.

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