Buzzers & Sirens

A buzzer is an electronic device that produces a buzzing or beeping sound as an indication of an event or alarm.

A siren is a loud warning device often used by emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks.

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Buzzers and Sirens are very crucial output devices in Sound Signal Devices. You can buy buzzer Online on Robocraze website at a very low price range.



Buzzer is an Audio signal device that gives a beep sound. Buzzers are usually electromechanical or piezoelectric or mechanical type.

These buzzer can be easily interfaced with Arduino Uno and other Sensors.


Types of Buzzer:

Buzzer are of two types: 

1) Active Buzzer

2) Passive Buzzer

  • An Active buzzer generate a tone using an internal oscillator. Active buzzer work on DC voltage supply. 
  • Passive Buzzer are used if you want to control the pitch of the sound using the PWM pins of the Arduino Uno Board. Passive Buzzer operate on AC Voltage Supply.


Electronic Siren Alarms are mostly used for warning systems. These Siren alarms consume low energy and requires low maintenance.

Sirens produce comparatively higher noise compared to buzzers and buzzer modules.


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