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What is a Buzzer and how does it work?

Buzzer is a device that emits sound upon an electrical signal. The frequency of the sound can be defined in the code. Different types of buzzer work in different ways, most common being piezoelectric buzzers. Piezoelectric buzzer works with the help of a piezoelectric material, a material that starts vibrating when a potential difference is applied across it. Due to the vibration of the material, air around the material is compressed and relaxed forming a longitudinal wave which in turn is interpreted as sound by living beings.


How do you drive a buzzer?

A buzzer is driven by applying the appropriate pwm signal across the buzzer’s terminal. Arduino IDE has a built in function “tone” and “noTone” that allows you to specify the pin number and the frequency at which you want to drive the buzzer


Is the buzzer a sensor?

Buzzer is not a sensor, but an actuator. Buzzer does not provide the microcontroller with any information of the external environment but rather just acts on any command sent by the microcontroller to produce a sound as specified in the program.


How many types of buzzers are available?

There are a few type of buzzer depending on how they emit their sound







How to connect a buzzer with a battery?

The buzzer can be directly connected to the positive and negative terminal of a 9V battery. However the buzzer will remain on until the battery loses its charge. Therefore it is recommended to put a switch between the battery and buzzer, to avoid draining the battery.


How does a piezoelectric buzzer work?

Piezoelectric buzzer is made of a piezoelectric material. These materials have a property wherein they start vibrating as soon as electric potential is applied across the material. These vibrations cause the surrounding air to vibrate thus creating sound.


How to make a burglar alarm for a project?

A simple burglar alarm circuit can be made using a PIR sensor, arduino and a buzzer. With this circuit the arduino can be programmed to trigger the buzzer whenever the PIR sensor detects a motion.


How to integrate an alarm with Arduino?

The arduino can be programmed to set the buzzer at a particular time. For example, a code can be written into the arduino to turn the buzzer pin high at a particular time. The arduino will keep monitoring the time until the set time, turning the pin high and causing the buzzer to ring, thereby acting as an alarm. This can further be integrated with Bluetooth modules, so that you will be able to set and delete alarms with your phone.


Where can I buy buzzers for a project online?

A variety of buzzers are available in the market, depending on the size and type. Buzzers can be purchased online from electronics stores like Robocraze.


Where can I buy a buzzer at a shop near me?

Buzzers are readily available in any electronics shop at your local city market. 


How to choose the best buzzer online?

You can take a look at the datasheet or a few videos of the buzzer working online to make sure it’s loud and emits a suitable sound that fits your needs. Purchase from reliable sellers to ensure good quality and service.

What is the cost of buzzers in India?

Buzzers can cost anywhere from a few rupees to a couple of hundred rupees depending on the size, model, quality, etc.