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TFT display or thin-film transistor display is a type of LCD display that makes your screens look better and faster. It's common in smartphones, laptops, and TVs. they save on energy compared to CRT displays.

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TFT display or TFT LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display)  is a type of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that uses thin-film transistor technology to improve features such as contrast and addressability. TFT display technology powers each individual pixel with a single transistor, resulting in faster response times.

TFT Display uses the technology of "field-effect" transistors that are built by layering thin films on a glass substrate, hence the name. This method is commonly used to construct microprocessors. The TFT display in the LCD controls individual pixels in the TFT display by adjusting the amount of electric field across the three liquid crystal capacitors (one for each sub-pixel of red, green, and blue) in the pixel. This has an impact on the polarization of the crystal material. How much backlighting reaches the colour filter is determined by the amount of polarization in the crystal. Because of its ability to manipulate each pixel quickly and directly, TFT displays are also known as active-matrix LCD technology. 


TFT screen: When it comes to cameras TFT stands for "Thin-Film-Transistor" liquid-crystal display. TFT display technology enables the development of high-resolution LCD display screens with superior contrast performance. TFT displays are used by camera manufacturers because they allow LCD displays to display high-resolution, colour-accurate replicas of acquired images. This eliminates the need to upload photographs to a higher resolution display device and allows photographers to accurately evaluate their work while it is still in progress. TFT displays are used in devices other than cameras, such as home televisions, mobile phones, and computer monitors.


Arduino TFT Display

The Arduino's backlit TFT LCD display has a micro SD card port on the back. You can draw text, pictures, and shapes on the screen using the TFT library. Although it can be used with any Arduino board, the pin configuration of the TFT display Arduino screen is designed to fit easily into the sockets of an Arduino Esplora and an Arduino Robot. TFT LCD display modules provide This technology is used in thin-film transistor liquid crystal display modules, or TFT LCDs. TFT technology allows for a full RGB display of a wide range of colours and hues. For vivid graphics, finely detailed images, and rich colours, choose an LCD with a TFT screen


TFT Display Prices in India

Various types of TFTs are available in the market. You can find the best price of TFT from our website Robocraze. 

TFT Module 

TFT Display Price

3.5in TFT LCD Shield for Arduino

Rs. 1269/-

LCD TFT01 Shield for Mega Board compatible with Arduino

Rs. 313/-

Nextion Enhanced NX4832K035 3.5 inch HMI LCD Module Display Panel

Rs. 6882/-

Robocraze 3.2 inch LCD Module 320*240 TFT Resistive Touch Screen Panel with SPI Interface for Arduino Mega

Rs. 1298/-

Nextion BASIC NX3224T024 2.4″ TFT ManMachine Interface HMI kernel LCD Touch Display

Rs. 2068/-



1. What is TFT LCD?

TFT LCD (TFT liquid-crystal display) is a type of liquid-crystal display that uses thin-film transistor technology to improve image qualities such as addressability and contrast. A TFT LCD is an active matrix LCD, as opposed to a passive matrix LCD or a few simple, direct-driven (i.e., segments directly connected to electronics outside the LCD) LCDs. TFT LCDs are found in a variety of appliances such as televisions, computer monitors, mobile phones, handheld devices, video game systems, personal digital assistants, navigation systems, projectors, and automobile dashboards.


2. Is TFT screen good for eyes?

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display; an increasingly common type of display panel (like TV, PC computer, Mobile phone screen, etc.) TFT: Thin film transistor, which controls the colour and brightness of the LCD's pixels, none directly endanger the eyes. 

4. Is TFT better than LCD?

TFT displays motion more smoothly and responds more quickly than a monochrome LCD panel. TFT displays are bit expensive compared to monochrome LCD panels since they consume more electricity when operating.


5. Is TFT and LCD the same?

TFT is a type of LCD that uses thin film transistor technology to improve image quality, whereas an LCD is a type of display that uses the modulating properties of liquid crystals to form what we call an LCD (liquid crystals display), which does not directly emit light.

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