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An electronic kit box is a collection of components used to build an electronic device. Generally, the electronic kits consist of basic electronic components like Resistors, Capacitors, Integrated Circuits, LED’s, Breadboard, Sensors, Switches, Mustimeter’s etc along with user manual and basic electronic project ideas.


Electronic Kit Prices in India

Electronics Kit (Computer Science) for Grade 7 | Ekya School, CMRRs. 248
Arduino Robotics Kit for Grade 8 | Ekya School, CMRRs. 1,718
Arduino Innovation Kit for Innovative EngineeringRs. 1,854


What is use of Electronic Kit

These DIY electronic kits help the individual learn the process and science behind electronic systems through hands-on practice. Electronic kits are used primarily in education, to help solve a problem or simply a fun way to practice your skills.

Electronic kits for kids or electronic kit for beginners are made primarily to help kids in learning block of electronics with simple goals like turning on a light bulb or starting a motor for a mini fan.

Electronic kits for engineering students have more advanced features and single-step instructions to help you assemble your gadget.

The type of devices hobbyists can build from an electronic hobby kit include alarms, buzzers, amplifiers, radios, microphones, message recorders etc.

Few of the most popular electronic kits in India include the electronic hobby kit, electronic project kit, electronic components kit and electronic kits for beginners.

Where to buy Electronic kit for project

Buy Best Electronic Kit Online from Robocraze. We Provide Best Quality Electronic Components Kits for Kids, Beginners, Students and Hobbyists. Our Electronic kits box include Resistors, Capacitors, Integrated Circuits, LED’s, Breadboard, Sensors, Switches, Mustimeter’s and many more. The cost of an electronic kit will vary with its complexity and the cost of its components.


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