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An ESC for a drone is like an accelerator, It controls the speed of the motors, based on the signals it gets from the flight controller. It's like the middleman between the flight controller and the motors.

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An Electronic Speed Controller, or ESC, is a crucial part of drones that use brushless motors. It manages the speed of the motors based on throttle signals from the flight controller. The ESC for drone acts as an intermediary between the flight controller and the motors, translating pilot commands into actual movement.

Those who enjoy DIY drone tinkering should have a basic understanding of ESCs and their top features in order to fine-tune drone performance. ESCs come in different types for drones with brushed and brushless motors. Multirotor drones may use one ESC per rotor or an integrated device for all rotors.

When selecting an ESC for a custom drone, it's important to consider the ESC's electrical ratings, protocols, and structure. Using high-quality ESC for drone results in a reliable and smooth flight. ESCs have a maximum current rating, and those that can handle a greater current draw are usually larger and heavier, which may be significant for smaller UAVs.


ESC for Drone(Electronic Speed Controller) Prices in India



Simonk Red ESC 30A without Connector for Quadcopter

₹ 449

SimonK ESC 12A

₹ 448

Simonk Red ESC 30A for Quadcopter

₹ 471



1. What is an ESC on a drone?

  • ESC on a drone is a small device whose full form stands for the electronic speed controller. This mimics the pilot controls into precise instructions which are sent to motors to control movements. 

2. Is ESC necessary for drone?

  • Yes ESC is necessary for drone as they are used to control the speed of motors to control movements. Different ESC is used for different types of motors i.e.; brushed and brushless motors. Multirotor drones may have an ESC for each rotor or an integrated rotor that handles all the rotors with one system. 

3. How many ESC do you need for a drone?

  • Li-Po batteries are used in drone making as they have a limitation. A 50A rated ESC should be more than enough for any 5 FPV drone which means 200A in total for 4 motors. 

4. Can a drone work without ESC?

  • No, a drone cannot work without an ESC. ESCs are responsible for communicating with each other either directly or indirectly through the flight controller so they have easy control of the drone. 


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