ESC for Drones

An ESC for a drone is like an accelerator, It controls the speed of the motors, based on the signals it gets from the flight controller. It's like the middleman between the flight controller and the motors.

Buy ESC for Drone Online in India

With electronic speed controllers (ESC), you can adjust and control the speed of drones and aircraft electric motors. A signal from the flight controller causes the electronic speed controller to raise voltage or to reduce the voltage to the drone motor as required, which therefore results in changing the speed of the drone propellers

At Robocraze, you can explore a wide range of ESC for drone which is extremely high quality and lightweight. You might fall into a pickle when you have to decide which ESC for drone to choose from while building your drones or UAV (Unarmed aerial vehicles). Drones with brushed motors and brushless motors require different electronic speed controllers. 

Brushless motor ESC

As you might already know different motors require you to buy ESC that is different due to the motor technology. If you are planning to buy brushless ESC to do a Multirotor drone then you might have to buy ESC for each rotor and integrate a device that handles the rotor with one system. Many ESC drone are designed as systems on chip which means all components like microcontrollers units are integrated into a single module. The best part when you buy ESC for a brushless motor is it saves space and weight making it perfectly suitable for SWaP ( size, weight, and power) constrained UAVs. 


ESC(Electronic Speed Controller) Prices in India

Simonk Red ESC 30A without Connector for Quadcopter₹ 449
SimonK ESC 12A₹ 448
Simonk Red ESC 30A for Quadcopter₹ 471

Electronic speed controllers for quadcopters: 

Quadcopter ESC has high refresh rates as its stability and maneuverability completely depend on the balance of rotor speed, and fine control over the motor rpm. The quadcopter ESC or ESC motor for drones is typically rated for maximum current. The ESC motor for drones is rated for maximum current. You must keep in mind that electronic speed controllers which can handle larger currents are usually heavier and larger. This may be an important consideration when you buy an electronic speed controller for drone which are small. 


Working of drone motor controller

If you are planning to buy ESC for drone then it is very important to understand how electric speed control drone works by sending radio signals from remote controllers to the drone this signal tells the drone what to do. These radio control signals are sent by the transmitter and they are received by the drone's receiver. Hence ESC in drone are sometimes also called drone radio controllers. An electronic speed control drone may also provide reversing of motor and dynamic braking. 


Working of ESC controller: 

An ESC or electronic speed controller controls the brushless motor movement or speed by activating the appropriate MOSFETs to create a rotating magnetic field so that the motor rotates. The higher the frequency or quicker the electronic speed control drone goes through 6 intervals, the higher the speed of the motor will be. 


How to choose the right DC motor ESC for a quadcopter? 

Both brushed and brushless DC motors require ESC. Although the DC motor ESC is specific to brushed and brushless motors. We have covered in-depth article about How to Choose ESC for Quadcopter



1. What is an ESC on a drone?

  • ESC on a drone is a small device whose full form stands for the electronic speed controller. This mimics the pilot controls into precise instructions which are sent to motors to control movements. 

2. Is ESC necessary for drone?

  • Yes ESC is necessary for drone as they are used to control the speed of motors to control movements. Different ESC is used for different types of motors i.e.; brushed and brushless motors. Multirotor drones may have an ESC for each rotor or an integrated rotor that handles all the rotors with one system. 

3. How many ESC do you need for a drone?

  • Li-Po batteries are used in drone making as they have a limitation. A 50A rated ESC should be more than enough for any 5 FPV drone which means 200A in total for 4 motors. 

4. Can a drone work without ESC?

  • No, a drone cannot work without an ESC. ESCs are responsible for communicating with each other either directly or indirectly through the flight controller so they have easy control of the drone. 


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