A buzzer is a basic electrical gadget that emits a buzzing or beeping sound when an electric current passes through it. It is often employed in electrical systems such as alarms, timers, and doorbells as an alert or notification device.

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Buzzers speakers are electronic components that are used for audio signals. The main function of a buzzer is to produce sound whenever the input gets triggered. The small buzzer price/mini buzzer price in India is Rs. 18.00/ Piece. While the Active electronic buzzer price is Rs. 34/ 

The buzzer cost usually varies as per the quality and its category. The buzzer module also known as buzzer alarm module or buzzer sensor.


What is buzzer speaker?

A buzzer speaker is a basic electronic component that is used to get audio output signal in any project. It is mostly used with Microcontrollers like Arduino Uno and Node MCU. The buzzer module can be used in projects like Water Tank Level Alarm, Security System and other projects in which audio output is required. 


What is buzzer and how it works?

A buzzer is a sound producing electronic component. It is basically used in DIY projects like, alarm system, warning devices, toys, timers etc. Piezo buzzers are inexpensive gadgets that can produce standard beeps and tones. If we see the working of a buzzer, it consists of a material known as piezo crystal, a piezo crystal a piezo crystal has a property of changing its shape whenever voltage is applied to it. Thus, when the voltage is applied to the piezo it makes the beep tone. 


How do I know if my buzzer is working?

To know if the buzzer or buzzer module is working or not, you can simply connect it to Arduino’s Digital Pin and other pin to the ground. After connecting the buzzer, connect the power cable of Arduino. If the buzzer makes a continuous tone, that means your buzzer is working fine. However, it is always recommended to use a resistor while using a buzzer. Resistor can protect the buzzer from high voltage.


What are the two kinds of buzzer?

The two commonly used buzzers are Piezo Buzzers and Magnetic Buzzers. A piezoelectric buzzer the piezo material changes in size when voltage is applied to it. While in a magnetic buzzer when the current is applied, it passes through the coil and produces a magnetic field. Further, this magnetic field creates vibration and buzzing sound.


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