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Bluetooth modules are dope tech allowing you to connect your devices without cords. They use the Bluetooth protocol to communicate wirelessly within a short range.

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Do you want to use Bluetooth to operate your project wirelessly? We carry a diverse range of Bluetooth modules( transmitter and receiver) that can be used for short-distance wireless audio transmission or to control your robots via Bluetooth from your mobile device. It communicates via serial communication, making it simple to interface with a controller or PC. 

The Bluetooth module is a widely used wireless communication module that is found in a variety of smart devices. The wireless Bluetooth module is a basic circuit set of chips integrated with the Bluetooth function. It is a semi-finished product for the end user. The final product that can use Bluetooth communication is realized through the process of functional redevelopment and encapsulation based on the module. A Bluetooth low energy module (BLE) is a module that supports Bluetooth protocol 4.0 or higher and is also referred to as a BLE module.

The Bluetooth module has two working modes: Working modes include command-response and auto-connect. When the module is in automatic connection mode, it will automatically transmit the data connected according to the pre-set method; when the module is in command response mode, it can execute AT commands, and the user can send various AT commands to the module to set the module's control parameters or issue control commands. When the module is not connected, the AT command has no effect. When the Bluetooth module is connected to the device, it enters data transparent transmission mode (the AT command is the command used to connect and communicate between the terminal device and the PC application). That is called paying attention. AT commands are strings that begin with AT and end with a character. It contains the response data from the AT command. There is a return for each command, whether it is executed successfully or not.)

Connect the Bluetooth module to the RXD, TXD, GND, and VCC of the USB to TTL, then power on by pressing and holding the small button on it(press and hold the power on to configure the mode, and power on directly is the normal use mode), Allow the module to enter absolute AT mode, obtain module information, and obtain information using the Bluetooth test software. Typically, you can configure baud rate, master and slave, pairing password, module parameters, device name, connection password, and so on. Make sure that the baud rate is the same; otherwise, the codes will be garbled and the information exchange will fail. Without understanding the complicated Bluetooth protocol, it can be used as a full-duplex serial port. The RX of the Bluetooth module is connected to the TX of the microcontroller, the TX of the Bluetooth module is connected to the RX of the microcontroller, the VCC and GND pins are connected, and other pins are usually ignored.

If you want to use bluetooth modules in your projects you will need few components like, jumper wires , breadboard , batteries or power supply , You can work on some projects with arduino , raspberry pi , and some home automation projects.


Bluetooth Module Prices in India

Bluetooth Module Price


HC05 Bluetooth Module

Rs. 230


Rs. 540

HC-06 Bluetooth Module

Rs. 312

Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode BLE (Feasycom)

Rs. 349

DX-BT18 Bluetooth Dual Mode Module For SPP2.0 + BLE4.0 Transparent Serial Port

Rs. 349

HM-10 Bluetooth Module

Rs. 276

Steval Bluemic 1 Evaluation Board


Mini elm327 Bluetooth OBD2

Rs. 427

NRF51822 BLE4 2.4GHz Bluetooth 4.0 Module

Rs. 461


1.What is Bluetooth module?

Bluetooth module (Bluetooth module) is a chip's basic circuit set with an integrated Bluetooth function that is used for short-range 2.4G wireless communication.


2.What is Bluetooth module used for?

Bluetooth technology manages the wireless part's communication channel. Bluetooth modules can wirelessly transmit and receive data using two devices. Using the host controller interface, the Bluetooth module can receive and transmit data from a host system (HCI).


3.Where can I buy beacons online?

You can buy BLE beacons and bluetooth modules online in India from authorized vendors or trusted sellers like Robocraze. Buying from authorized sellers proves the reliability and genuinity of the product and can be used for various IoT projects.


4.What are BLE beacons?

BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. BLE beacons are wireless communications that are designed for short range communications. Therefore, BLE beacons are devices used for short range communications. Beacon devices are small radio transmitters, strategically mounted throughout locations, to broadcast low energy Bluetooth signals in a given range. 


5.How is a BLE beacon different from a classic beacon?

There are 2 major types of bluetooth technologies; Classic and BLE technology. The major difference between the two beacon technologies lies in the power consumption in each case. However there are other reasons why people choose BLE over the classic technology:

BLE Beacons are suited for applications that work smoothly with a periodic transfer of data and cover very little battery usage at the same time. Hence, BLE is an ideal option for IoT and proximity marketing-related applications. 

BLE can establish upto 20 connections at once. IT is able to support so many connections at once because it transfers small data packets and establishes quick connections. 


6.What are the beacon protocols?


Eddystone is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon released by Google in 2015.  It is an open format beacon created by Google and designed for complete transparency and freedom to develop creative projects. The eddystone format is built by working from leading industry experts in existing deployments and the wider beacon community. Eddystone includes a configuration service and branding materials.


Apple developed their own beacon protocol called the iBeacon. It is basically a BLE beacon that broadcasts its identifier to nearby portable electronic devices. The identifier and the several bytes sent, can be used in various real time applications like determining a device's physical location, tracking customers, push notifications and many more. 


7.What is a beacon-compatible app? Do I need an app to send beacon notifications?

There are different types of beacon compatible apps and mainly depend upon the type of beacon protocol that you have decided to go with. Beacon apps enable you to manage your beacons remotely, integrate google or apple services with your beacon device and provide a better user experience by helping user’s device to discover content and functionality apps and the web.


8.What is the transmission range of beacons?

The maximum range of beacons is around 70 meters. Additionally it can be adjusted to 7 different levels. The effective range of the beacon depends upon other external factors like specific locations and scale of it depending on the material and size of it.


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