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Motor drivers control the speed and direction of electric motors. They convert low-voltage, high-current control signals into high-voltage, high-current power to drive the motor.

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A motor driver as the name implies is a device that drives motors, However, motor driver chips cannot operate a motor without the assistance of a microcontroller. A motor driver acts as a bridge between the motor and the microcontroller. The reason for this is that the microcontroller and the motor operate at different voltage levels. The motor will consume more current than the microcontroller. When connecting two devices that operate at different current levels to a power supply voltage, a motor driver module is required.


The microcontroller first sends signals to the motor driver. The motor driver then interprets the signals received and steps them up with the reference voltage provided for driving the motor. There are two voltage input pins on the motor. Pin 1 activates the motor by providing a voltage equal to the reference voltage, whereas Pin 2 deactivates the motor by providing 0V at the output pin. The motor driver is in charge of the entire process. Motor drivers are used to providing high power to a motor by using a small voltage signal from a microcontroller or control system.

If the microprocessor sends a HIGH signal to the motor driver, the driver will rotate the motor in only one direction while keeping one pin HIGH and one pin LOW. When the microcontroller sends a LOW input to the motor driver, the motor driver causes the motor to rotate in the opposite direction by setting two motor pins to LOW and HIGH, respectively.


DC Motor Drivers Prices in India

Many different kinds of motor drivers are available in India which are commonly found in the market. Motor drivers can cost from a few hundred rupees to thousands of rupees depending on the configuration like the number of motor connection points, power rating, safety features, etc.

Motor Drivers


L293D IC (2 pcs)


BTS7960B 43A H-Bridge Motor Driver


TB6612FNG Dual DC Motor Driver


TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver


MACH3 Interface Board CNC 5 Axis with Optocoupler for Stepper Motor Driver 


2000W AC 50-220V 25A Adjustable Motor Speed Controller Voltage Regulator PWM


TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver


PWM DC Motor Speed Controller


PCA9685 16 Channel 12 Bit Servo Motor Driver


L298 Motor Driver Board


A4988 Stepper Motor Driver



1. How to use a L298n motor driver?

  • The L298N is a dual-channel H-Bridge motor driver capable of driving a pair of DC motors. That means it can individually drive up to two motors making it ideal for building two-wheel robot platforms. It consists of pins for motor power supply(Vs), ground and 5V logic power supply(Vss).

2. What does a motor driver do?

  • A motor driver interfaces a motor with a microcontroller and external power source, with safety features built in to prevent back emf that may be generated by the motor. A motor driver is essentially an IC (Integrated circuit) chip which used to control the motors in robots in varied applications

3. Which motor driver is the best for a robotics project?

  • Motor drivers come in all forms of shapes and sizes, depending on the rating, maximum supported voltage and current, number of motor connections required, safety features, etc. For a robotics project, you may need a motor driver that supports at least 4 motors.

4. What is the difference between a motor driver and a motor controller?

  • Motor driver acts as an interface between motor and microcontrollers while also providing external power source to the motors, while motor controllers also have built in microprocessors to control the motors thereby eliminating the need of a microcontroller to run the motor.

5. How do I choose and buy a motor driver?

Motor drivers must be chosen based on the power rating, number of available motor connections and safety features. Motor drivers are classified on the basis of:-

  • Maximum Supply Voltage
  • Maximum Output Current
  • Rated Power Dissipation
  • Load Voltage
  • Packaging Type
  • Number Of Outputs.

6. What is an Arduino motor driver?

  • A motor driver made for Arduinos is typically referred to as an Arduino motor driver. These drivers will operate at 5V while having provisions to connect external power supply for the motors itself 

7. Why do I need a motor driver?

  • Motors can generally effectively be used if it gets adequate voltage and current that typical microcontrollers do not provide. Thus motor drivers are used to overcome, as it supplies power for all the motors with an external power source.

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