Humanoid Robots

A humanoid robot is a robot with an overall appearance based on that of the human body. These are professional service robots built to mimic human motion and interaction.

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What are the best robot toys I can buy?

Any machine resembling a human or animal in both shape and behaviors are considered as robots. So the best robots would be those which closely resemble humans as much as possible. The robot toys help kids learn cognitive skills like critical thinking and problem solving, while they’re also having fun assembling them and making them work.

How much does buying a robot cost?

Robots can cost anywhere from a few thousands to very well in six digit figures, depending on the functionality and complexity. Robots for kids typically cost less since they are mainly used as educational tools. They are used for the purpose of learning coding and are useful for anyone who has a keen interest in robotics and technology. While industrial grade robots used for manufacturing are expensive due to their complexity in design.

Which is the smartest and coolest robot in the world?

Boston Dynamics Spock dog robot is considered to be one of the smartest and the most versatile robots available to buy. It’s a dog-like robot that can be used to map environments, traverse through different terrains, carry loads in facility, etc

Applications of Boston Dynamics Spock dog robot:

  • The Boston Spock Dog robot has a 360° vision and capabilities to avoid obstacles. The robot can be driven remotely or taught routes and actions to perform autonomous missions.
  • Spot has great efficiency and can carry payloads with great endurance better than aerial drones. 
  • By integrating Spot with software and sensors, the robot can perform tasks in a variety of industries.

Can I build a robot? How long does it take to build my own robot?

Yes. Anyone can build a robot at home. Some lower end robots are very easy to make and have plenty of guides on how to do so, while more complex robots will be difficult to make due to the sheer number of precise sensors, actuators and mechanical components needed.

Otto DIY Robot is an open source robot that is compatible with Arduino and has graphics programming options. It has an easy to understand build and by following instructions, it can easily be built in an hour.


Where can I buy a robot online in India?

Highly specialized robots can only be bought from the original manufacturer themselves. Go to the manufacturers website and find contact information for specialized orders. Consumer grade robots can be found anywhere online in stores such as Robocraze.

Robot ToysCost
Spaceman RobotRs.8824
Otto DIY RobotRs.3531