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How to wire a 12V relay?

12V relays are used for higher end machinery or sensors that are capable of outputting a 12V signal. For example, a 12V relay can be used in a car's lead acid battery, so in case the battery gets discharged and loses its voltage too much, the relay can cut off the connection thereby preventing further drainage.

Digital control pin of a 12V relay must be connected to a 12V capable output pin of a microcontroller or any controlling device like a sensor, in order to turn on the relay

How to use a 12V relay?

Giving 12V at the Relay control pin will close the circuit between N/O and COM while opening the circuit between N/C and COM. Giving 0V or GND to the relay pin will do the vice versa

How to test a 12V relay?

If the relay switches at its designed actuation voltage, then the relay works. You can easily measure so my hooking up a multimeter at the relay terminals and observing the voltage before and after the switching action


How to trigger a 12V relay?

A 12V relay is triggered using a 12V signal given to its control pin. Giving anything below 12V will turn off the relay and giving anything higher than 12V may potentially damage the relay


How much current does a 12V relay draw?

A nominal current consumption of a 5V relay is typically around 30mA, although it will vary between models. Please the check the relay specific datasheet to know the exact value


Where can I find a 12V relay online?

12V relays can be obtained from almost all online stores including Robocraze.


Where can I find a 12V relay nearby at a physical store?

12V relays are available in most electronic stores.