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SMPS or Switch Mode Power Supplies is a type of power supply that uses switching technology to convert electrical power efficiently. They're commonly used in a variety of electronic devices.

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SMPS or Switched mode power supply is an electronic power supply that efficiently converts electrical power. SMPS employs a switching regulator that enables the pass transistor to switch between low-dissipation, full-on and full-off states, and thus reduces energy wastage by minimizing high dissipation transitions. This technology transfers power from a DC or AC source to DC loads, while simultaneously altering voltage and current characteristics.

An Switched mode power supply comprises several basic components, including an input rectifier and filter, an inverter, a transformer, an output rectifier and filter, and a feedback and control circuit. The inverter typically consists of switching devices such as MOSFETs. The primary idea behind an SMPS is that regulation is managed by using a switching regulator with a series switching element that controls the current supply to a smoothing capacitor.

SMPS offers numerous advantages over linear power supplies, such as higher efficiency ranging from 68% to 90%, regulated and dependable outputs irrespective of input voltage fluctuations, and smaller size and weight. Thanks to its adaptability, low cost, and efficiency, SMPS is widely used in modern applications, particularly in electronic equipment like computers and other sensitive devices requiring stable and efficient power supplies.


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12V 15A Power Supply SMPS

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5V 5A SMPS Power Supply

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5V 10A SMPS Power Supply

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12V 10A SMPS Power Supply

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24V 2A SMPS Power Supply

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24V 10A SMPS Power Supply

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5V 2A SMPS Power Supply

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1. What is SMPS?

A switched-mode power supply (SMPS) is an electronic circuit that converts power by using switching devices that are turned on and off at high frequencies, as well as storage components such as inductors or capacitors to provide power when the switching device is not conducting. Switching power supplies are extremely efficient and are widely used in a wide range of electronic equipment, including computers and other sensitive equipment that requires a stable and efficient power supply. A switched-mode power supply, also known as a switch-mode power supply or switching-mode power supply, is a type of power supply that operates on alternating current.


2. Where are SMPS used?

SMPS are widely used in Personal computers, It is widely used in the machine tool industry. The SMPS is a power supply that is used in security systems. It is employed in the railway system. It is also used in mobile phones. It's found in battery chargers. The SMPS is found in automobiles. It's also found in lighting.


3. What are the advantages of SMPS?

The advantages of SMPS are: The efficiency ranges from 80 to 90%. Less heat generation results in less power waste. Harmonic feedback into the supply mains has been reduced. The device is small and compact in size. Manufacturing costs are reduced. Provision for supplying the necessary number of voltages.

4. Does SMPS convert AC to DC?

Yes, An SMPS first converts the alternating current source voltage to direct current voltage via a rectifier and an input filter. The dc voltage is then "chipped up" by a chopper, allowing a voltage composed of a series of square-wave high-frequency pulses to be generated at the primary winding input of the transformer. Finally, after transforming the square-wave pulses into pulses with the required voltage levels, the rectifier and input filter convert these pulses to a direct current voltage.


5. Can SMPS work in DC supply?

Yes, SMPS or Switch Mode Power Supplies have the ability to operate with a DC input. SMPSs can modify a DC input voltage to produce a different DC output voltage, depending on the circuit topology employed. If the SMPS is designed for an AC input, it can typically function from a DC supply since the DC would simply pass through the rectifier unaltered. Conversely, if the power supply is designed for a DC input, then a rectification stage is not necessary. DC to DC converters are another type of SMPS that are utilized when the input power is DC, and the output power is also DC.

6. What is full form of SMPS?

The full form of SMPS is switched-mode power supply.


7. Is SMPS AC or DC?

SMPS or Switched-mode power supplies are capable of transferring power from both AC and DC sources to DC loads such as personal computers, while also modifying the voltage and current characteristics. SMPS can lower a mains voltage AC input to a low voltage DC output. If the SMPS has a DC input, it doesn't need an input rectifier stage, and if it's designed for an AC input, it can usually be set up to accept a DC input. This means that SMPS can efficiently function with both AC and DC inputs.

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