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A sensor module is a device that detects and measures physical qualities like temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, and so on. Some applications are Environmental monitoring, industrial control, and consumer electronics

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A sensor is a device that senses and responds to input from the physical environment. It produces an output signal to detect a physical phenomenon. The input can be various environmental phenomena, such as light, heat, motion, moisture, and pressure. The output is typically a signal that can be displayed in a way that humans can understand. Sensors are always used with other electronic devices and can be found in everyday objects such as touch-sensitive elevator buttons and lamps that can be controlled by touching the base.


Robocraze brings you the best in sensors to suit your individual needs. Whether it be infrared or ultrasonic light sensing, motion detection, pressure gauges and temperature monitors - Robocraze has everything covered. Our wide range of easily-integrated solutions not only provide reliable data but also offer precision accuracy compared with no other supplier on the market today. We guarantee that all our products satisfy stringent quality standards as well as being certified according to industry safety guidelines for use throughout any environment. With technical guidance from experienced professionals available round-the clock, we ensure customer satisfaction is always achieved when selecting a sensor solution tailored specifically for their own project requirements.. From intuitive visualizations through interactive displays right down to analytics & diagnostics – choose Robocraze’s arsenal of comprehensive tools offering robust performance at an unbeatable price point!


Applications of sensors

Sensors are widely used across different industries, from consumer electronics to professional sports to aerospace. They act as the eyes and ears for a computing infrastructure that analyzes and acts upon the data collected from sensors, bridging the gap between the physical and logical worlds. There are different types of sensors suitable for medical, automotive, and industrial applications, including position, pressure, and temperature sensors.


sensor types

There are different types of sensors are currently available, each with distinct capabilities and applications. Some common examples of these sensors include photoelectric, particle, motion, metal, level, leak, humidity, gas and chemical, force, temperature, IR, ultrasonic, pressure, proximity, and touch sensors. Every sensor type is specifically designed to detect and respond to a particular physical phenomenon, such as proximity, pressure, moisture, motion, heat, or light. The selection of a particular sensor type is dependent on the application and the specific physical phenomenon that needs to be measured or detected.


sensors in iot

The role of sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT) is pivotal, as they gather data from the physical world, allowing for informed decisions. Various IoT sensors, such as temperature, humidity, motion, and pressure sensors, are employed in different settings, such as households, factories, vehicles, aircraft, and more. These sensors aid in monitoring and optimizing particular environments, promoting better efficiency and efficacy. By acquiring and interpreting data, IoT sensors facilitate the connection between the physical and logical worlds, empowering computing infrastructure to scrutinize and act on the data they capture.

Sensors Modules Prices in India: 

When it comes to sensor price in India, there's a balance between affordability and functionality, offering a wide range of options to meet different needs and budgets. The market has solutions for every project, from basic temperature and humidity sensors to more advanced motion and environmental sensors. With the cost of sensors starting from just a few hundred rupees, sensors enable hobbyists, students, and professionals to explore electronics, automation, and IoT without spending too much. Whether you're creating a smart home system, monitoring environmental conditions, or developing prototypes, the competitive sensors cost in India make them accessible to everyone, encouraging experimentation and innovation nationwide.


Discover all you can do with Robocraze's low sensor cost! From basic ones to advanced ones, we've got what you need. Whether you're just having fun, learning, or working, our sensors help you make cool stuff without spending lots. Start your projects with Robocraze today!"


Sensors are the building blocks of any kind of automated system. At Robocraze, we provide a range of reliable and accurate sensors from all popular brands in different shapes, sizes and prices to meet your exact requirements. Our sensor selection offers an excellent combination between performance and price for industrial solutions along with hobbyist projects. We offer unparalleled customer service by giving technical support on various types like thermocouples, proximity sensors, pressure transducers etc., that can be used in applications ranging from home automation systems to robotic arms at competitive prices without compromising quality or efficiency standards. You'll find everything you need here – affordable rates, stock availability options and free shipping across India! So go ahead; explore our vast collection now!


HC-SR-04 Ultrasonic SensorRs. 73
LJ18A3-8-Z-BX 8mm Inductive Proximity SensorRs. 260
W1209 Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat ModuleRs. 175
DHT11 Temperature Sensor ModuleRs. 117
MQ-135 gas sensor ModuleRs. 135


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1.Where can I get a sensor module?

  • Sensors online shopping is now easy at Robocraze with best sensor prices with special offers and free shipping above Rs.500. Buy sensors online in bulk or smaller quantities at the best price on our website.

2.What is a sensor module?

  • Sensor are sophisticated devices that are frequently used to detect and respond to electrical or optical signals. A Sensor converts the physical parameter (for example: temperature, blood pressure, humidity, speed, etc.) into a signal which can be measured electrically. 

3.What is the difference between a sensor and a module?

  • Sensors and modules (having extra electronic circuitry along with sensor) are electronic devices that detect and respond to some type of input from the physical environment. The sensor modules often contain extra components to make the sensor easy to use. Like voltage regulator and level shifter to use a 3,3V sensor with 5V, decoupling caps, current limit or pull up resistors, connection headers, etc.

4.What are the three main parts of sensor module?

  • Sensors, in their most general form, are systems possessing a variable number of components. Three basic components have already been identified: a sensor element, sensor packaging and connections, and sensor signal processing hardware.