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A stepper motor is a type of electric motor that moves in specific, discrete steps rather than a smooth continuous rotation. They're controlled by a series of electrical pulses that determine the amount and direction of rotation. Essentially, it's a motor that can move in precise increments, making it perfect for 3d printer

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Stepper Motor Prices in India


The NEMA series Stepper Motors

NEMA series Stepper Motor


NEMA17 Stepper Motor (48mm)


NEMA17 Stepper Motor (40mm)


NEMA17 Stepper Motor with Connector (34mm)


NEMA23 Hybrid Stepper Motor Two Phase 56mm 1.26N.m 2.8A


The other Stepper Motors are as follows:

Stepper Motors


28BYJ-48 12V Valve DC Gear Stepper Motor


A4988 Stepper Motor Driver


1200W PWM Motor Speed Controller with Potentiometer


12V 10A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller


TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver


MACH3 Interface Board CNC 5 Axis with Optocoupler for Stepper Motor Driver with male to male USB Cable


28BYJ-48 5V DC Stepper Motor


Original DRV8825 3D printer Motor Driver Module with Aluminum Heat Sink RAMPS1.4 RepRap StepStick



1. How to connect a stepper motor to a driver?

  • Stepper motor comes in a variety of configurations
    • Four Wire Stepper Motor: If your stepper motor only has four wires, this means it can only be used with a bipolar driver. 
    • Six Wire Stepper Motor: Like the four-wire motor, six-wire stepper motors have a pair of wires for each winding. However, it also has a center-tap for each winding as well, this gives it the option to be wired as bipolar or unipolar
    • Five Wire Stepper Motor: With a five-wire stepper motor the wire setup is very similar to the six-wire driver, the main difference being the center taps are connected together internally, bringing it out as one wire. This will make the motor only function as a unipolar driver.

2. How to control the speed of a stepper motor?

  • To increase the speed of the stepper motor, you just have to reduce the time between each step. This can be done from a computer or microcontroller with the Stepper motor library. If the time between each step is slowed down, the motor slows down

3. How to power a stepper motor with batteries?

  • Stepper motors can be wires with drivers and be powered by a battery. However the motor cannot directly be connected to a battery because that would cause all coils to be excited and thus stall the motor

4. How to run stepper motors without drivers?

  • Stepper motors can be directly connected to microcontrollers, but the output power provided by the microcontroller will severely limit the capability of the motor. Therefore it is recommended to use a motor driver, so that the user has full access to the motors capability without damaging the microcontroller or the motor itself

5. How to increase the torque for my stepper motor?

  • Torque of a Stepper motor, or any motor in fact, can be increased with the help of a gearbox configured in gear reduction mode. This would increase the torque output of the motor but reduce the overall speed that the motor can operate.

6. What are stepper motors used for?

  • Stepper motors are motors that rotate full rotation by a number of small discrete steps. It is used for applications where high torque at lower speeds and precision is required, for example, robotic arms

7. Are stepper motors AC or DC?

  • Stepper motors are found in both AC and DC configurations, but most portable hobby-grade stepper motors make use of DC current.

8. How do stepper motors work?

  • The stepper motor consists of a rotor that is generally a permanent magnet, and it is surrounded by the windings of the stator. As we send current through the windings step by step in a particular order they will magnetize the stator and make electromagnetic poles respectively that will cause the rotor to rotate in the motor. A computer or microcontroller typically controls the sequence of how the current goes through each winding thus being able to control the speed to the rotor

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