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Buy Passive Electronic Component Online in India

Passive components are easily available online but usually online stores have combos or sets of electronic components available,, as shipping an individual component, such as a resistor isn't feasible. Moreover, since these are low cost components, it does not get too heavy on the pocket.


Buy passive devices in a shop near you

Passive components are usually available in most electronics stores found everywhere. 


Passive Electronic Component Prices in India

Capacitor BoxRs. 66
10k Resistor - Pack of 10Rs. 20
10K Sliding PotentiometerRs. 206


What are passive electronic components or devices?

Passive devices or components do not generate energy, but can store or dissipate it in one form or the other. Examples of passive components include resistors, capacitors, inductors and diodes, which together are required to build any electrical or electronic circuit


What are the types of passive components?

What are the characteristics of passive components?

Passive components do not require energy to operate. Unlike active components, they are unable to augment the signal power and also cannot amplify it.


Passive vs active components: What are the differences

The main difference are as follows

Source of Energy: Active components need an extra source of energy while passive components do not require an additional source of energy.

Energy: Active components produce energy in the form of voltage or current but passive components dissipate or store energy in other forms.

Linearity: Passive components are linear while active components are non linear.


How to test passive components?

Different passive components are tested in different ways. For example resistors can be tested by measuring the resistance using multimeter, capacitors can be tested by making sure there is no continuity between the two leads of a capacitor (capacitor blocks DC current) and inductors can be tested by making sure there is very low resistance between the two terminals.

What are the passive components used for?

Passive components are the basic building blocks for any electronic circuits. Each passive component has its own characteristic and function in a given circuit and modern electronics would not have been possible without these components

Some frequently asked questions about passive electronic components


Are diodes passive electronic components?

Diodes are considered as passive electronic components, as it does not require a separate line of power to change its characteristics.


Are LEDs passive components?

Light emitting diodes, commonly known as LED, is essentially a diode. Since diodes are passive components, LEDs are considered to be passive components.


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