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1. What is meant by primary battery?

A primary battery is a single-use, non-rechargeable power source traditionally used for powering small electronics such as watches and portable radios. Primary batteries are usually composed of electrochemical cells which convert stored chemical energy directly into electrical energy when discharged. These cells contain an electrolyte between two electrodes (anode & cathode), allowing ions to flow from the anode to the cathode, thereby creating a current that can be tapped off and utilized by external circuits. The main benefits of primary batteries over secondary or rechargeable options include their low cost; they do not require additional equipment like charging units; they are also more suited for applications requiring long periods in storage before being deployed due to their excellent shelf life stability characteristics.

2. What are primary batteries Class 12?

Primary batteries are commonly used in portable and consumer electronics applications, including hearing aids, timepieces and cameras. They provide electrical energy through a chemical reaction between two or more electrodes with an electrolyte solution. Primary cells can be classified according to their construction as well as by the type of electrochemical process they use. Zinc-Carbon is one of the most popular types of primary battery for low power devices like digital watches, calculators, toys etc due to its affordability and general performance characteristics compared to other cell chemistries available on today's market. Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries have become increasingly prevalent amongst a range of medium level applications such as flashlights however alkaline manganese dioxide remains one of the most dependable standard sources currently used across industries from industrial equipment up unto medical products operating within strict specifications where cycle life is paramount alongside peak current delivery needs without sacrificing storage capacity per area volume consumed requirements making them ideal for powering countless everyday objects we rely on so heavily in our fast paced changing world.