Electronic Modules

An electronic module serves a specialised purpose in an electronic system. It is a compact, autonomous electronic component. Typically, a printed circuit board and electronic components such as microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators are intended to cooperate to fulfil a certain job.


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Electronic Modules


Electronic modules are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications and can be used as part of a larger project. Electronic modules have components mounted on a PCB board. A module is a distinct assembly of components that can be easily added, removed or replaced in a larger system. Generally, a module is not functional on its own. In computer hardware, a module is a component that is either plugged into the main circuit board or is made up of several smaller boards that can be plugged into the main board. These electronic modules consist of resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, and other components that are necessary for electronic circuits. These modules come in many shapes and forms.

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Relay module is an electronic component that is used for switching AC current on and off. This relay module uses a coil to switch the current. This relay module is used for switching AC current on and off. It is used for a variety of purposes like controlling appliances, controlling process, controlling motors, etc. The relay module has a number of relay contacts which can be used to activate or deactivate other circuits. The relay module is an electronic device that is powered by electricity and can be used to control or switch on or off an electrical circuit.

A relay module is a circuit that can switch an electric current on or off for a limited amount of time, for example to control a low-voltage circuit. It is designed to be reliable and easy to use. The relay is an electromechanical device that is commonly used in control circuits in which it can be used to switch an electric circuit on or off, or to provide power to a load. 


You can use relay module as a control circuit, or as a signaling circuit. The relay module will work as long as there is electrical current supplied to the coil. The relay module consists of two parts, a primary coil and a secondary coil. The primary coil is connected to the source of the power and is connected to the secondary coil. The secondary coil is then connected to the load. The contacts of the relay module are connected to the load side. 

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Audio Components:


We've got you covered with all the audio components you need to build a project. We sell great quality products at affordable prices, and we're always adding new items!

We even have items that aren't just for DIY projects—like our Bluetooth speaker, which you can use not just for making music but also as a Bluetooth device in your home!

This is a collection of audio components, which you can use to build your own DIY projects.


One most commonly used audio component is  the PAM Module. The PAM Modules are the heart of our audio amplifiers. They are the most advanced and smallest class D amplifiers available. The modules have a built-in power supply, allowing for easy integration into your system. PAM Modules are reliable and offer a wide range of gain (up to 50 dB) and voltage output levels (0.5 Vrms). The PAM Modules are the heart of any audio amplifier. The PAM module is a versatile, high-power amplifier with one or two channels. It can be used as either a mono or stereo power amplifier in any audio application. The PAM modules are used in audio amplifier applications to increase the output power of the amplifier. The PAM modules are also used in audio amplifiers to increase the output power of the amplifier. The PAM modules are made up of several different types of materials, such as copper, silver, gold and aluminum. PAM modules are designed to be used in audio amplifiers. They provide a simple way to improve the sound of your amplifier, and they're easy to install.




1. What is electronic module?

  • The electronic module is an assembly containing several active and passive components, in a distinct manner to perform a power conversion function. It is used in electronics applications where a high degree of efficiency and reliability is required. The electronic module can be used for different applications such as motor drive, audio or other application where high quality power is required. The electronic module consists of several power semiconductor devices that are connected together to provide proper voltage regulation and current regulation. The electronic module may consist of one or more printed circuit boards, integrated circuits or other electrical components such as resistors and capacitors.

2. What is the use of electronic module?

  • The electronic module can be used for different applications such as motor drive, audio or other application where high quality power is required. 


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