Drone Accessories

Drones are pretty cool and all, but did you know you can take 'em to the next level with some Drone accessories? Think of it like souped-up car parts, but for your flying machines. These add-ons can help you customize your drone for specific tasks, so you can get the most out of it.

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Drone accessories are an essential component to enhance the performance and safety of your quadcopter or drone. These items range from spare propellers, batteries, chargers, landing gear, propeller guards, camera filters, and more. Each accessory serves a specific function, whether it is to improve the stability and control of the drone, extend its battery life, or capture stunning aerial footage.


By understanding the purpose and function of each accessory, you can build confidence and feel assured that you have the necessary equipment to ensure a successful flight. In doing so, you can handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise and ensure a safe and seamless flight.


When choosing Drone accessories, it is important to invest in high-quality items that are compatible with your drone model. The wrong accessories can negatively impact the performance of your drone and potentially cause accidents. Therefore, doing your research and selecting the appropriate Drone accessories is crucial to maximizing the performance of your drone.

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Drone Accessories


Apm2.6 MWC GPS Compass Antenna Folding Fixed Mount Bracket Holder


Anti-Vibration Shock Absorber for APM-KK-MWC-PixHawk


5.3V 3A APM Power Module with XT60 Connector


4pcs-set DIY Quadcopter F450 550 Propeller Guard


Matek Systems PDB-XT60 Power Distribution Board


4CH Remote Control Transmitter Receiver Circuit


3.5mm Male Female Banana Plug Bullet Connector (Pack of 10)


VIMVIP 100mm JST 2 Pin Connector Plug Lead Wire - 10pairs


5V-6V 3A Switch-mode UBEC


XT60 Connector Pair


Robocraze RC Aluminum Bullet Propeller Adapter Holder(5pcs, 2.3mm)


XT60 Male connector


3DR Radio Telemetry Kit


XT60 Female Connector with Silicon Wire


VL53L0X Laser Ranging Sensor


2.54mm pitch JST Cable with Connector - (Pack of 10)


2 mm pitch JST Cable with Connector - (Pack of 10)



1. What parts do you need for a drone?

  • List of Parts required to make a Drone/Quadcopter:
    • Drone Frame
    • Motors
    • Propellers
    • Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)
    • Lithium Polymer Battery (Lipo battery)
    • Power Distribution Board (PDB)
    • Flight Controller
    • RC Controller
    • GPS Module
    • Telemetry

2. What types of accessories used in drone?

  • Some most common RC Parts and Accessories used to make a drone are soldering iron for assembling drone parts, Double sided sticky tape, Velcro for fixing li-po battery to the quadcopter frame, Heat shrink or electrical tape to insulate the metal bullet connectors.


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