Potentiometers (POTs/Potmeter)

A potentiometer is a variable resistor that measures or adjusts electrical resistance. It is made up of a resistive element and a revolving or sliding contact, known as the wiper, that may be moved along the element to change the resistance.

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Potentiometers are electrical components utilized to measure the resistance to current flow within their circuit. These components find various applications, including voltage and current control in electronic devices. They offer precise control over the voltage being applied to appliances that require variable resistance or current, such as electric motors or heaters.

Potentiometers also have applications in motor speed and direction control, as well as changing its resistance. The basic operation of potentiometers involves two leads and a wiper that can move between two positions on the scale. When the wiper is at one end, the circuit is closed and no voltage is applied, while at the other end, the circuit is open and full voltage is applied.

The cost of potentiometers may vary depending on the type being purchased.


Working of a Potentiometer:

The fundamental operation of potentiometers is straightforward. They are three-pole resistors that feature either sliding or rotating contacts that can be adjusted to form a variable voltage divider. By moving the slider or rotating the knob with uniform resistance, the potentiometer alters the position of the contacts. The resistor receives the full input voltage, and the voltage drop across the fixed and sliding contacts generates the output voltage.


Potentiometer types:

Potentiometers are categorized into various types based on their working principles, manufacturing, and applications. The two most commonly used types are rotary and linear potentiometers. Rotary potentiometers are primarily used to obtain adjustable supply voltage for electronic and electrical circuits, while linear potentiometers are used for precise voltage control.


Uses of a Potentiometer:

Potentiometers have numerous applications, including the adjustment of motor speed, direction, and resistance. They are widely used in electronic devices to regulate the flow of power. Potentiometers are also employed to control the flow of water through pipes or irrigation systems.

While potentiometers are commonly used in home electronics, they are also utilized in industrial applications. They are often used to adjust the volume of audio equipment and to turn lights on and off. Potentiometers are frequently used to adjust the brightness or color of LEDs or LCDs, and to control other electrical components such as motors and fans. 

A potentiometer is a device used to sense the amount of voltage applied to it. It can be used in many ways, including:

  • Actuators
  • LCD displays
  • CNC machining centers
  • Joysticks and game controllers


Looking to buy a potentiometer for your science project? Choose from a linear or rotary potentiometer - depending on your use case. Is the potentiometer you are looking for out of stock? Send us an email at support@robocraze, and we will get in touch shortly. 


Potentiometers Prices in India



Item NamePrice Inc. GST (As of 28 September 2022)
1M Cermet(Pack of 5)18
500K Cermet(Pack of 5)19
200K Cermet(Pack of 5)20
50K Cermet(Pack of 5)19
20K Cermet(Pack of 5)18
5K Cermet(Pack of 5)18
2K Cermet(Pack of 5)17
500E Cermet(Pack of 5)16
1M ohm 16mm Rotary Pot Variable Potentiometer (Pack of 5)66
250K ohm 16mm Rotary Pot Variable Potentiometer (Pack of 5)68
470K 16mm Rotary Pot(Pack of 5)77
100K 16mm Rotary Pot(Pack of 5)77
47K 16mm Rotary Pot(Pack of 5)72
22K 16mm Rotary Pot(Pack of 5)71
10K 16mm Rotary Pot(Pack of 5)76
5K ohm 16mm Rotatory Variable Potentiometer (Pack of 5)67
1K ohm 16mm Rotatory Variable Potentiometer (Pack of 5)68
1M 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)51
500K 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)48
100K 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)48
50K 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)49
20K 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)52
10K 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)52
5K 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)49
2K 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)50
1K 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)51
200E 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)51
20E 3386P Trimpot(Pack of 5)50
2M 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)64
1M 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)56
500K 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)51
200K 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)51
50K 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)56
20K 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)52
5K 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)52
2K 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)51
500E 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)49
200E 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)48
10E 3296W Trimpot(Pack of 5)68
Digital Potentiometer Board Module275
100 Ohm Trimpot Trimmer Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)61
100 Ohm Pot Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)49
100K Trimpot Trimmer Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)61
10K Trimpot Trimmer Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)61
1K Trimpot Trimmer Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)61
100K Pot Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)49
1K Pot Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)142
10K Pot Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)131
100 Ohm Preset Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)19
100K Preset Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)19
10K Preset Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)19
1K Preset Potentiometer - (Pack of 5)19
10K Sliding Potentiometer167
Potentiometer Knobs - (Pack of 10)135
22k Potentiometer (10 pcs)100


1. What is a potentiometer and what is it used for?

  • Potentiometers are resistors where the resistor value can be controlled by a knob. Potentiometers are commonly used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment.

2. What is the difference between a potentiometer and rheostat?

  • A potentiometer is a three terminal variable resistor, but a rheostat is a two terminal variable resistor. Rheostats are commonly used to handle higher voltages and currents. Potentiometers are often used to vary voltage, as it acts like a voltage divider circuit while rheostat is mainly used to vary current.

3. Where can I buy potentiometers online?

  • Potentiometers can be bought from online stores such as Robocraze 

4. Where can I buy potentiometers at a shop near me?

  • Potentiometers are available in almost all electronics hardware stores

5. How to choose the best potentiometers online?

  • Make sure the potentiometer you get varies from 0 to the ohms you require it to be. For example, there’s 1k pot, 10k pot, 100k pot, higher the value, less the precision of the reading

6. What are the types of potentiometers?

  • Potentiometers are of two types. The difference between the two is purely mechanical construction of the device.
    • Linear - Consist of a slide to vary resistance.
    • Rotary - Consist of a knob that varies resistance

7. What are the prices of potentiometers in India?

  • Potentiometers can be obtained for a fairly cheap price in online stores as well as local shops

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