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3D Printing Pen

3D printing pens help to draw any three dimensional objects.3D printing converts 3D digital model into tangible products. At Robocraze online store explore wide range of 3D Printing Pen, 3D Printing Doodler Pen and selct the best for your need

Buy 3D Printing Pen Online in India

You don't need a 3D printer to create 3D objects. You can now use 3D printing pens instead. The 3D pen price is way cheaper compared to that of a 3D printer. With 3D pens, you can draw in three dimensions and cast wonderful artforms that could jump right out of your imagination. You don't require knowledge of coding or any prior training. All you need is liquid plastic like ABS or PLA and just your instincts. 3D pens come in different 3D pen price range options you could choose from.


3D Pen Prices in India

3D pens in the market are available at affordable prices. There are different price ranges you can choose from which are available for 3D drawing pens

3D Printing Pen with Filament, Adapter and ManualRs. 899
Magic 3D PenRs. 2,600
Ganesha P65 3D PenRs. 1,595
3D Printing PenRs. 2,050

Data last updated on 01/06/2022


You can find 3D pen under 1000 rupees easily. But if you are looking for good quality 3D pens you will not find 3D pen under 500 rupees. 3D pen online basic pens range from rupees 899 and the professional 3D pens go up to rupees 2600. Here are some of the best 3D doodle pen you could choose from.


3D printing pen with filament, adapter, and manual: 
This pen is usually suited for both beginners and professionals. It is compatible with both ABS and PLA filament. The input voltage ranges from 100 to 240 V AC and the temperature ranges from 160~230 which can be adjustable. This is suited even for kids as they are manufactured with non-toxic materials that make them very kid-friendly.


3D pen cost for magic 3D pen: 
Planning to gift a 3D pen for kids? Then this is the right choice for you. Magic 3D pen 3D doodle pen which is made specifically for kids. Most importantly 3D drawing pens are eco-friendly and can be drawn freehand on paper. Your kids are going to love it because they will be able to change the color while using this pen.

3D doodle pen price in India/3D pen cost: Rs. 2,600/-


3D pen cost in India for Ganesha P65 3D Pen: 
This Ganesha 3D doodle pen also proves to be a wonderful gift to invest in. This 3D glue pen is a great gift for kids who are interested in doodling and drawing. When you buy 3D pens you are not just investing in a gift or FDM technology, you are also investing in giving a greater special learning experience along with the handheld experience of 3D printers to your children.

This can be used by kids as a doodle 3D glue pen and it can also be used by adults as a professional 3D pen. 
The 3D doodle pen price in India: Rs.1592/-


3D Pen/3D pen shopping for 3D Printing Pen: 
If you are looking for 3D pen shopping at the most affordable best quality 3D printing pens then you are at the right place. 3D printing pen we offer is of premium quality and is suited for both kids and adults. 3D pen India is compatible with most common filaments like ABS and PLA.

Price of printing 3D pen India: Rs.2050/- 


What is 3D pen used for?

3D pen is used for drawing a raised three-dimensional graphic on a piece of paper or any flat surface. 3D pens are popular because you can draw a raised graphic in mid-air allowing you to make instant 3D structures right in front of you.


Do you need a printer for a 3D pen? 

No, you don't require a printer for a 3D pen. You can directly create 3D structures with just the pen, and not depend on a printer for the 3D output. 


Does the 3D pen really work?

Does the 3D pen really work? Yes, they really work. You can actually create and 3D design from your imagination if what you want to create is a 3D model by hand. 


How long does a 3D pen last? 

3D pens last for as long as 15 years and even more sometimes

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