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A 3D pen is a handheld device that allows users to draw three-dimensional objects by extruding heated plastic that cools and hardens quickly. Similar to 3D printers in that they can create a wide range of shapes and structures, these offer the added benefit of being portable and easy to use.

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A 3D pen is a pen that, like a glue gun, extrudes heated or warm plastic from its nozzle, but these pens extrude 3D pen filaments. This extruded/melted material is used to draw figures and artwork. It is similar to a regular writing pen, but in these 3D printing pens, the figure can stand on its own in the third dimension (Z-axis). The result is a three-dimensional figure drawn by hand that resembles a 3D-printed part. These printing pens are an excellent tool for inspiring creativity. Using 3D drawing or printing pen is a lot of fun. A 3D pen can be used to draw a raised graphic on a piece of paper or any flat surface. But what truly distinguishes a 3D pen is its ability to "draw" in mid-air, allowing you to instantly form 3D structures right in front of you, which you can pick up and hold in your hand.



The working of a 3D printing pen is simple. Because the pens use polymer filament as the material, the operation is as simple as melting the material in a heat chamber and extruding it through the tip (read nozzle) of the pen and depositing the material on any platform. The user can then move the 3D pen around to draw various figures and shapes. The melted material oozing from the nozzle quickly cools, allowing the deposited material to stand on its own. Once cooled, the plastic shape retains its shape and is permanent. The heating temperature is set according to the material used in the pen. A 3D pen can only use a limited number of materials. A material that can be used in a 3D printing pen must melt quickly when heated and solidify quickly after being extruded from the pen. The user should also keep in mind that he should not use the 3D pen like a regular pen. The pen should be moved slowly to draw figures and keep their shape.


3D Pen Prices in India

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3D Printing Pen with Filament, Adapter and Manual

Rs. 1214/-

Magic 3D Pen

Rs. 2,445/-

Ganesha P65 3D Pen

Rs. 1,450/-

3D Printing Pen

Rs. 1,844/-



3D printing pen with filament, adapter, and manual: 
This 3D pen is usually suited for both beginners and professionals. It is compatible with both ABS and PLA filaments. The input voltage ranges from 100 to 240 V AC and the temperature ranges from 160~230 which can be adjustable. This is suited even for kids as they are manufactured with non-toxic materials that make them very kid-friendly.


magic 3D pen: 
Planning to gift a 3D pen to kids? Then this is the right choice for you. Magic 3D pen 3D doodle pen which is made specifically for kids. Most importantly 3D drawing pens are eco-friendly and can be drawn freehand on paper. Your kids are going to love it because they will be able to change the color while using this pen.


Ganesha P65 3D Pen: 
This Ganesha 3D doodle pen also proves to be a wonderful gift to invest in. This 3D glue pen is a great gift for kids who are interested in doodling and drawing. When you buy 3D pens you are not just investing in a gift or FDM technology, you are also investing in giving a greater special learning experience along with the handheld experience of 3D printers to your children. This can be used by kids as a doodle 3D glue pen and it can also be used by adults as a professional 3D pen. 



1.What is 3D pen used for?

3D pen is used for drawing a raised three-dimensional graphic on a piece of paper or any flat surface. 3D pens are popular because you can draw a raised graphic in mid-air allowing you to make instant 3D structures right in front of you.


2.What material is used in 3D pen?

3D pen uses plastic thread made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ("ABS"), polylactic acid ("PLA"), or "FLEXY", thermal polyurethane ("TPU") that is melted and then cooled through a patented process while moving through the pen and can then be used to hand-make 3D objects.


3.Is 3D pen good for kids?

Yes! 3D pen is good for kids, they will enjoy creating with 3D pens. With a 3D pen, kids will learn creative thinking, spatial visualisation, and problem-solving. We recommend 3D pens for children aged 6 and up. A kid-friendly 3D pen can be used by children as young as six.


4.Can you use a 3D pen on paper?

Yes, for that the tip of the pen must touch the paper in order for the "ink" to hit it. We recommend making an "anchor" with the filament by pressing down into the paper until you see a small blob, ensuring that the plastic is securely anchored to the paper. Then you can lift your hand off the page or move around freely.


5.Do you need a printer for a 3D pen?

No, you don't require a printer for a 3D pen. You can directly create 3D structures with just the pen, and not depend on a printer for the 3D output.


6.Does the 3D pen really work?

Does the 3D pen really work? Yes, they really work. You can actually create and 3D design from your imagination if what you want to create is a 3D model by hand.


7.How long does a 3D pen last?

3D pens last for as long as 15 years and even more sometimes

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