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An Arduino USB cable connects an Arduino board to a computer through a USB connection. It powers the Arduino and transfers data between it and the PC.

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Here is a selection of Arduino USB Cables such as micro, USB A/B, and Mini B that are compatible with Arduino UNO, Mega, and other Arduino boards. These Arduino cable are used to interface any of the Arduino boards with your computer, you can also connect your USB printer, scanner, and more to your computer. These Arduino USB cables used to transmit data at high speeds while remaining error-free and high-performance. You can choose any of the Arduino cables depending on which two devices you want to connect.


The term USB refers to Universal Serial Bus, USB ports can be found on a variety of devices such as phones, computers, and gaming consoles. In the mid-1990s, the USB connection was created to standardize peripheral port connections. This enables peripheral devices like printers and keyboards to connect to a broader range of computers and hosts rather than just a few with specific receptacles.

Today, there are numerous USB cable types available, but their primary function remains the same: data and power transfer. New versions of USB cables are been released over time to improve transfer speeds and power output.


When you open a USB cable, you'll notice four different USB wire colours: white, green, red, and black for data and power. The positive wire is red and carries 5 volts; the negative wire, also known as the ground wire, is black. Each USB connection (USB cable types A, B, C, micro, and mini) has a pinout system, which consists of small metal strips inside the connector that allow access to each of these wires and their capabilities.

Various USB cables and iterations have existed over the last 25 years, depending on the USB Protocol. Version 1.0 of the USB, released in 1995, transferred data at a rate of up to 12Mbps. The most recent version is USB version 4, which can transfer data at up to 40Gbps.


Arduino USB cable Prices in India

USB cables can be obtained for a fairly cheap price as it's a commodity item.

Arduino USB Cables


Micro USB Cable


Mini USB Cable (1 metre)


Mini USB Cable (0.5 metre)


USB 2.0 A-B Cable for Arduino and Home Printers (1.5 meters)


Arduino UNO/MEGA USB A-B Cable (30 cm)



1. What is USB cable for?

The term USB stands for "Universal Serial Bus". USB cable assemblies are among the most widely used cable types, connecting computers to peripheral devices such as cameras, camcorders, printers, scanners, and others.


2. What is the difference between USB and HDMI cable?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables are used for HDTV, whereas USB (Universal Serial Bus) cables are used for PCs. The HDMI cable is the current industry standard for connecting HD source devices (such as DVD players) to HD displays (such as HDTVs).


3. How to use an Arduino USB cable?

Arduino contains a mini/miro or type B USB port that can be used to connect to PC via the regular USB port (type A) with the included cable. The cables are basic plug and play types of cables. All you need to do is just connect the Arduino to the computer by using the correct ports. 

4. What is the purpose of an Arduino USB cable?

The USB cable helps you upload programs (aka sketches) to your Arduino and helps you monitor serial messages in your computer. The USB cable for Arduino plays an important role in different projects since you can embed the codes of the project into the Arduino.


5. Where can I buy the Arduino USB cable in India, online?

Arduino USB cables are often included with Arduino boards themselves. However if you want any spare cables, you can get them easily after making sure of the type of connector used. For example Arduino Uno and Mega use USB Type B to Type A, while Arduino nano uses microUSB to Type A. Authorized Vendors like Robocraze have genuine and reliable USB cables for Arduino.


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