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A WiFi module is a device that allows wireless connections to be established using the WiFi protocol. It is used to connect gadgets wirelessly to the internet or to other devices, eliminating the need for untidy connections and cables. 

Wireless Wifi Smart Switch which is used as an Anti-theft Alarm for Door/ Windows, Temperature, Humidity Monitoring, Wifi Power Monitor and many more functions. A Smart Switch to Connect and Disconnect Electrical Devices at Home by Using the Internet. The Smart Switch is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi TM, through a computer, smartphone, tablet or any device with internet access. 

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Smart home tech on a budget - Buy WiFi switches online that speak to Google Mini and Alexa. Control your geysers, light, fan, water heaters or any other electrical appliance. Make your home a smart home!

A WiFi wireless switch is a device that allows you to control your electrical appliances remotely using your smartphone or tablet. These switches connect to your home's WiFi network and allow you to turn your lights, ceiling fans, and other devices on and off using a mobile app or voice commands.

There are various types of WiFi wireless switches available on the market, including dimmers and smart switches that are compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Some of the most popular brands of WiFi wireless switches include Geeni, Sonoff, and Lutron.

If you're looking for a high-performance WiFi switch to connect multiple devices in your network, you might want to consider a gigabit switch, which offers faster data transfer rates than standard switches. Netgear offers a popular gigabit switch, the GS605NA, which is suitable for workgroups and small networks. WiFi wireless switches can be a convenient and energy-efficient addition to your home, allowing you to control your appliances from anywhere with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Explore a wide range of IoT and Wireless Devices at robocraze.

Smart WiFi switch Prices in India 

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3dBi Dual Band WiFi Antenna with Cable for Wireless Routers


Sonoff R2 Smart WiFi Switch


IOIO-OTG for Android with USB OTG Cable




1.What is a WiFi Switch?

  • The Wi-Fi-connected switch works with different household appliances. It can be connected to bulbs, with the help of android or IOS apps. It gives you complete control of lights with a touch, voice, motion or remotely via a smartphone. 

2.How to use a smart WiFi Switch?

  • Wifi operated smart switches are connected to your home network through Wifi and are controlled via the app downloaded on your smartphones. they work just as well from thousands of miles away - so no need to worry ever again if you have left the bedroom lights on.

3.How to install a Smart WiFI light switch?

  • In order to install a Wifi smart light switch, you need to firstly study the existing wall switch and wiring setup. Before you purchase a smart light switch, you’ll need to figure out the type of switch you need. 
  • Once you are familiar with the wiring setup of the switch, choose the smart switch wisely that fits your conditions. 
  • Disconnect the old light switch completely by disconnecting each wire one by one. Take note of which wire is which as you disconnect them to avoid confusion later.
  • Connect your smart light switch properly to the wires. Connect the in wire to the in wire, the out wire to the out wire, the ground wire to the ground wire, and the neutral wire to the neutral wire. Secure your connections with wire connectors, and make sure you don’t have any loose or exposed wire in the box.

4.Which is the best WiFi switch?

  • Wemo light switch is considered the best Wifi Smart switch in the market. This device can be programmed to turn your fan on for you just before you get home so you can get fresh, circulated air, without the headache of the hot box of heat. You can custom manage the device to know when it rains or if it has reached a certain temperature. It’s truly smart, connected functionality.

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