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Sensor Kits

Are you just starting with Arduino and sensors? Here are a few sensor kits to help you kickstart. These sensor kits have just about everything you need - a sensor each for sensing gesture, humidity, temperature, motion, touch, sound, altitude, acceleration, and more. 

Buy Sensor Kits Online in India 

A sensor kit consists of a combo of sensor components which can be used for any basic electronics project. At Robocraze we have many types of sensor kits: 

Sr. NoSensor TypePrice

37 in 1 Sensors Kit for Arduino



9 in 1 Sensor Kit for Arduino



5 in 1 Sensor Kit for Arduino



DIY Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Kit



24 in 1 Sensors DIY Learning Kit


6.Turbidity Sensor with Nano Development Board Compatible with ArduinoRs.1175/-
7.HC-SR501 PIR Sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor) + IR Proximity SensorRs.215/-

The Arduino Sensor Kit is designed for Makers who are just beginning to use Arduino to delve into the huge world of electronics and programming. With the help of an Arduino sensor kit, you may learn how to wire up and programmed basic Grove modules, which contain both sensors and actuators.

At Robocraze, you can choose your favorite sensor kit or sensor module kit for sure. We have varied options for the sensor module kit as listed above. These Arduino sensor kits have all the sensor set and can help you kickstart your projects and give the initial boost to your experiment. The sensors have just about everything you need.

Here are the types of sensors the sensor module kits contain: 

  • Gesture sensor set 
  • Humidity sensor set 
  • Temperature set 
  • Motion sensor 
  • Touch sensor set 
  • Sound sensor set 
  • Altitude sensor set 
  • Acceleration sensor set 
  • And more  


1. What is a sensor module?

  • Electronic devices that detect and react to a certain type of input from the physical environment are called sensors and modules (which also have additional electronic circuitry in addition to the sensor).

2. What are the types of sensors?

  • Types of Sensors
    • Position Sensors.
    • Pressure Sensors.
    • Temperature Sensors.
    • Force Sensors.
    • Vibration Sensors.
    • Piezo Sensors.
    • Fluid Property Sensors.
    • Humidity Sensors. 

3. Where can I buy sensor kit?

  • You can buy a sensor kit online at Robocraze for the best prices. At Robocraze, you can choose your favorite sensor kit or sensor module kit for sure.