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A colour sensor is a device that is used to measure the spectral characteristics of light reflected or emitted by an object or surface, used industrial process control, quality inspection, and consumer electronics.

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A light sensor is a sort of photodetector that detects light as a sensor, it is often known as a photosensor. To detect illuminance, react to variations in the amount of light received, or transform light into electricity, many types of light sensors can be utilized. 

Arduino light sensor : Photodiodes, photoresistors, phototransistors, and photovoltaic light sensors are typical varieties of light sensors. These sensors can be applied in projects like mobile light sensing, autonomous outdoor lighting, proximity sensors, and renewable energy.

Motion sensor light: 

When motion is detected, a motion sensor light responds. They can be put in place inside, on walls, ceilings, and doorways, or outdoors, on the outside of structures like homes and buildings. Occupancy sensors, a type of motion sensor light, work by shutting off the lights in empty rooms and spaces.


Have you wondered what an LED sensor light is? If you want to use an LED as a photodiode light sensor or a detector, you will be able to use it. This is how; The linearity reduces as the voltage across the diode rises. An LED can be used as a photodiode light sensor or LED sensor light detector in addition to outputting light. Applications for this functionality include bidirectional communications and ambient light level sensors.

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Sr. NoProductLight sensor price

650nm 6mm 5V DC Mini Laser Dot Diode Module

Rs. 15/- 


TCS34725 RGB Colour Sensor



LDR Sensor Module

 Rs. 32/- 


Witty Fox - OPT 3001 digital ambient light sensor | Precise LUX meter sensor 

 Rs. 508/- 


500mW 4.7V Solar Panel



SYD1230 12mm 650nm 5mW Red Point Laser Module



Grove Serial Camera Kit



Light Sensitive Photoresistor LDR Small



OV7670 VGA Camera Module



Laser Receiver Module



GY-302 BH1750 Light Intensity Module



7.5V/1.3W (BPL) Solar Panel



Laser Module



Ml8511 Ultra Violet Sensor Module



Mini Epoxy Solar Panel 70X70 mm



Color Recognition Sensor Module TCS3200D/TCS2300



Colour Sensor



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1. What is a light sensor? 

A light sensor is a photoelectric device that transforms the observed light energy (photons) into electrical energy (electrons). Seems straightforward, doesn't it? A light sensor is more than simply what it is described as. It appears in a variety of forms and is employed in numerous contexts.


2. What is a PIR sensor? 

An electronic sensor that measures the infrared (IR) light emitted by objects in its field of vision is known as a passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor). Most frequently, these sensors are utilized in PIR-based motion detectors. PIR sensors are frequently used in autonomous lighting and security alarm systems.


3. What does a light sensor do?

Light sensors pick up on the presence of light and translate that energy into an electrical output. The radiant energy within the source's infrared to ultraviolet light frequency spectrum can subsequently be measured after being transformed into electrical energy.


4. Where is light sensor used?

There are several uses for light sensors. The most typical applications in our daily lives are on tablets and cell phones. Nowadays, the majority of portable personal gadgets have ambient light sensors for brightness adjustment.