A 3D printer thermistor is a temperature sensor that helps regulate the temperature of the extruder and the build plate. It helps in maintaining the precise temperature required for the plastic filament to melt and extrude properly.

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Thermistor For 3D Printer Price In India



12V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater

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Thermistor Temperature Sensor HT-NTC100K- 2M

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24V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater Wire

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1. What does a thermistor do in a 3D printer?

  • A  thermistor for 3D printer acts as a temperature sensor. Thermistors are the most common device for measuring temperature in 3D printers. They are located in temperature sensitive areas such as hotends and  heated beds. These areas monitor the temperature and feed the data back to the microcontroller. A thermistor also acts as a controller.

2. What happens if thermistor fails?

  • An uncalibrated thermistor is very poorly suited for 3D printing. Without accurate temperature measurement and control, hotends and  heated beds cannot function properly. Therefore, as part of your regular maintenance, you should make sure your hotend is always properly tuned. If the thermistor fails, it will read an incorrect temperature or display an impossible temperature swing.

3. Do 3D printer thermistors have polarity?

  • No, 3D printer thermistors have no polarity. You can connect in both directions.

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