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Plug-n-play 3mm, 5mm LED lights


Buy LEDs for DIY Projects Online in India

You can find a wide range of LED's for your engineering projects, DIY projects and prototyping projects. We have a wide collection of 3mm and 5mm LED's of various colours, WS2812 RGB LED's, cathode and anode LED's online at best prices. 

LED light is the most basic yet most important element of circuitry. Welcome to your one-stop solution for all your LED lighting needs! We have collected LEDs from across brands to help you with your large and small robotics/science project needs. 


LED Prices in India

RGB LED (Common Cathode) (Pack of 10)Rs. 119
5mm White Blue Led (Pack of 10)Rs. 30
5mm White Led (Pack of 10)Rs. 47


Where can I buy LEDs (electronic components) for my robotics and science project?

Different single colour, two colour and RGB LEDs can be obtained from online stores such as Robocraze.

Buy LEDs in a shop near you

LEDs are commonly available in most hardware electronics shops around you.

What is the price of a light-emitting diode (LED)?

LEDs are fairly cheap and can be obtained for as low as Rs 1 or 2/- depending on the kind of LED that you are looking for. However most sellers sell LEDs in kits or combos which include different colours or packs of 100.


What is an electronic component, LED? What does LED stand for?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. LED is basically a p-n junction semiconductor (diode) that emits photons upon the application of electric current across its diode junction. The wavelength (or colour) of the photon depends on the semiconductor material used in making the LED


What are the different types of LED lights?

There are a few different types of LEDs based on their application

  • Miniature LEDs
  • High power LEDs
  • Application-Specific LEDs
  • Lighting LEDs
  • Alphanumeric LEDs
  • RGB or Red Green Blue LEDs
  • Bi-color and Tri-color LEDs


What are the LED applications?

As emitters or detectors generating photocurrent

Small LEDs are usually used as indicators, to indicate to the user if a particular circuit or board is functioning. For example, the drive activity LED on your PC blinks whenever you drive is being used

LED displays

Millions of tiny LEDs are arranged in a grid to make the modern LED and OLED displays.


LEDs these days are also used as decor and accenting components that are used to enhance a particular item. For example, LED strips make excellent ambience elements.


Other than LED, what are the other electronic components that should be a part of my project kit?

Resistors are a must buy along with LEDs since they help control the voltage at the desired value, so that the LED doesn’t blow up. Different values of resistor are available, and should be chosen based on the required value.

Other components include Inductors, Capacitors, Lasers/Diodes, Transistor, Potentiometer, etc; but the exact components that you may need depend on your project requirements.

If you are a newbie to the world of Electronics, Microcontrollers or Robotics, it is highly recommended to purchase a kit that includes all essential electronic components (passive and active) to get started with, including LEDs.


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