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The drone frame is like the foundation of the drone, It's the structure that keeps everything in place, like the motors, propellers, and all that other gear. It's also like a little fortress for sensitive electronics and other equipment inside,  It keeps everything safe and secure.

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Drone frames serve as protective armor for the intricate electronic components that constitute a drone body. The frame's durability and strength are critical, while also accommodating the pilot's needs without impeding the flying experience or maintenance requirements. These  come in various sizes and are classified according to their intended use. Freestyle and racing frames are available in different sizes. Drone frames are commonly made of carbon fiber, aluminum, or plastic, with carbon fiber being the most favored due to its lightweight, durability, and strength. Aluminum, on the other hand, is sturdy and durable, although heavier than carbon fiber. Plastic, being the lightest and most economical, lacks the durability of aluminum and carbon fiber. Quadcopter frames, hexacopter frames, and tricopter frames are examples of various drone frame types. Quadcopter frames, which are well suited for racing and freestyle applications, are the most prevalent.


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Drone Frames Prices in India

Drone FramesCost

F450 Quadcopter Frame


HF550 HJ550 6-Axis DJI Hexacopter Frame Airframe


High Landing Gear Kit for Quadcopter Drone

Rs. 196

HSKRC QAV250 RC Drone Frame Kit

Rs. 741

F450/F550 Quadcopter High Landing Gear




1.What are drone frames?

  • A drone frame is a protective suit of armor for all of the sensitive electrical components that constitutes a quadcopter. A drone needs to be durable and as rugged as possible. The drone frame needs to accommodate the needs of the pilot without hindering the flying experience and the inevitable maintenance that will ensue.

2.Which are the best drone frames?

  • The best drone frames have the following characteristic features:
    • Stiffness: The first factor to consider while choosing a quadcopter frame is the stiffness. If the frame in question is stiff, it will be allowed to have a smoother flight because of minimal bending and warping. That means the frame will also result in good aerial photographs because of the stability in flight.
    • Material: The material of the quadcopter is important to gauge its stability. One of the most common materials you will come across for quadcopter frames is carbon fiber. The advantage of using carbon fiber is that it has physical characteristics suited for flight in the higher altitudes. Carbon fiber is a lightweight structure, making the quadcopter a lot more agile. 
    • Arms: These are usually made with hard plastic tubing or aluminum. During a crash or an accident, the arms are often the first ones to get impacted and/or broken. This ensures that the rest of the components, including the motor, remain less affected by the impact.

3.What are the types of drone frames?

  • The drone frames have a designated size class, based upon the longest distance from motor to motor measured in millimeters, typically taken by measuring diagonally across the frame.
  •  A frame measuring less than 150mm motor-to-motor is categorized as a micro. A frame larger than 150mm motor-to-motor is considered a mini. 
  • When measuring an unconventional multi-coper frame, such as a hexa-copter or tri-copter, the size will always be given by the greatest motor-to-motor distance.

4.What is the use of a drone frame?

  • The main purpose of the drone frame is to provide adequate protection to the components that operate the drone.  It simply protects the delicate electrical components from harm. The level of protection a frame provides to the drone depends upon its stiffness, material and strength of the arms. A frame also provides individualism and character to a build. It is imperative that the size, durability and appropriateness of the frame are considered.


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