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Vero board is a type of circuit board used for prototyping electronic circuits. This is with a pattern of copper strips etched onto one side. Components and wires can be attached to the board by making connections between the strips using wire links or by soldering.

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Veroboard is a preformed printed circuit board stock of copper strips on insulating bonded cardboard used in the manufacture of electronic circuits, with some of the electrical connections made by copper strips on the underside of the board. A Veroboard is a circuit board with rows of drilled copper traces for electronic components that are soldered to build an electronic circuit. 


Uses of Veroboard

Vero boards are mainly used to experiment with certain (simple) circuits or test certain principles. It is used for initial development of electronic circuits, creating prototypes for bench testing, or manufacturing small quantities of complete electronic units. Vero Boards has been widely used in your electronic projects.


Types of Veroboard

Some commonly used veroboard types are:

  • Plain Veroboard
  • Single sided Veroboard
  • Double Sided Veroboard

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Vero board price on Robocraze

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1. How do you clean a Vero board?

  • Isopropyl alcohol is a good PCB cleaner because it is cheap and evaporates quickly. Alcohol contains no chemicals compared to other cleaners used for similar purposes. It is also important that it contains at least 90% isopropyl alcohol, which is used for cleaning circuit boards. Follow the Steps below to Clean Vero board:
    1. First, pour a small amount of isopropyl alcohol into the container. 
    2. Next, dip a cotton swab in alcohol and squeeze the tip to remove excess solution.
    3.  Finally, gently brush a cotton swab around the circuit board  to remove dirt and debris.

2. What is the difference between bread board and Vero board?

Bread Board

Vero Board

Breadboards are used for temporary circuit connections.  Vero Board are mostly used to make permanent circuit connection
Breadboards are for testingVero boards are for implementing 
In breadboard the the rails on top or bottom of your bread board can be used for grounding without additional linkingIn Vero board we can designate a row of holes as ground and link them all together
Breadboard is highly recommended for beginners Working on Vero board require some experience and skills. Beginners can work on it under guidance of experienced person.
Breadboards are easy and fast to assemble as there are no permanent solder connections.Working on Veroboards can be comparatively time consuming than breadboard.
Breadboards have comparably poor current carrying capacity than Vero boardPCB Boards has a better current carrying capacity
Breadboards are expensive compared to Vero boardVero boards are cheaper than breadboard

3. What is Parallel Vero board?

  • Parallel Vero board features a regular 0.1 inch width of width, with wide parallel stripes of copper plating running in one direction down one side of the board. The 0.1 inch (2.54mm) pitch allows sockets for ICs. Components are usually placed on the smooth side of the board with leads protruding through the holes.

4. What is the function of a Vero board?

  • In a Vero board, components are usually placed on the smooth side of the board with  leads protruding through the holes. Then solder the leads  to the copper traces on the other side of the board to make the connections you want and trim off any excess wire. The plate consists of an insulating material, usually  plastic or fiberglass bonded with a synthetic resin. In veroboards there are parallel copper strips  2.54 mm apart on one side. These Vero boards also have he holes perforated at 2.54mm intervals. The components are placed on the opposite side of the board and the wires are bent  through the holes. The wires are soldered to the copper strips and the protruding ends are trimmed off to give a clean assembly.

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