DC Gear Motor

A gear motor is a type of electric motor that uses gears to increase torque and reduce speed. They're durable and reliable, These are used in applications like DIY projects

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A gear motor is a combination of a motor and a gearbox. The addition of a gearhead to a motor reduces speed while increasing torque output. The most important parameters for gear motors are speed (rpm), torque (lb-in), and efficiency (%). To choose the best gear motor for your application, you must first calculate the load, speed, and torque requirements. Choose the best DC  Gear Motor for your Robotics Projects. These standard size DC Motors are very easy to use and cost-effective. We have a wide array of dc gear motors like Center Shaft Gear Motors, n20 gear motor, 12V gear motor, 200 rpm gear motor and more.


DC Gear Motor Prices in India

A geared DC motor typically ranges from a few hundred rupees to a few thousand rupees depending on the gear ratio, load capacity and quality

Gear Motor


3.5 RPM DC Geared Motor


45RPM 12V DC Motor


100RPM 12V DC Motor


500 RPM Geared Motor


150 RPM Geared Motor


200 RPM Geared Motor


300 RPM Geared Motor



1. What is a geared DC motor?

  • A geared DC motor is a DC motor and gearbox. The gear box is used to reduce the speed while increasing the torque, giving the motor the ability to rotate more load than a traditional DC motor. A gear motor is any electric motor coupled with a gear train. It can be defined as a combination of motor and reduction gear train or it can also be defined as an extension of a DC motor.

2. How to use a gear motor?

  • Geared DC motors can be used just like regular DC motors. The only difference is that a geared motor will generally rotate slower but give better torque output, hence being able to provide more force with each turn. Gear motors are used in applications that require lower shaft speed and higher torque output. This means that it can be used for a wide range of applications and scenarios, including many of the machines and equipment we interact with on a daily basis.

3. What is the difference between a DC motor and DC geared motor? How do I choose a gear motor?

  • Geared DC motor is a regular DC motor coupled with a gearbox. The gearbox helps the motor provide more torque (rotational force), in favor of speed. A regular DC motor should be used in applications where speed is the priority while geared DC motor should be used in applications where torque is required (motors to lift heavy equipment) 

4. How do we use the gearbox in a motor?

  • Gearbox is a built in component of the geared DC motor and the user does not have to specially set up or interface with it. The DC motor shaft connects to the gearbox and ends up rotating the gear shaft at a particular speed, for the given input speed. This ratio helps us determine the gear ratio

5. What is a gear reduction motor?

  • Gear reduction motor contains an arrangement of gears in such a way that the output speed is lowered in favor of more torque. Typically all geared motors contain a gear reduction set, and that is what helps the motor convert its speed to more torque.

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