Terminal Block Connector

A terminal block is a tool that connects electrically two or more wires. It is constructed from a block of insulation with several termination points, or "terminals," placed in a predetermined manner.

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Terminal Block

This terminal block with cage clamp connection is similar to the Wago 222 series. Wire terminal blocks are primarily used to make secure wire connections in industry, communications, networking, lighting, security, signaling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This terminal block connector allows you to interconnect solid, stranded, and fine wire cables without the use of tools. This terminal block accepts wire sizes from 28 AWG to 12 AWG. Compact connection terminal for up to 5 strippable conductors depending on the type of blocks. This wire connector is suitable for soft and hard wires.  With the advantages of long life, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high pressure resistance, insulation and flame retardancy, it can effectively prevent electric leakage. This makes the lever nut more secure than a traditional wire nut.

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Types of Terminal Blocks

  • The Wire connecting terminal blocks vary in terms of the wire holding capability, current, no of pins etc. 

Types of Terminal Blocks on Robocraze

Item NamePrice in INR (as of 16th Nov 2022)

4 Pin Push in Conductor


2 Pin Push in Connector


3 Pin Push in Conductor


5 Pin Push in Conductor


Uses of Terminal Blocks

A Terminal block is usually used to prevent short circuits, preventing electrical leakage, testing wires, etc. Terminal blocks increase safety by grounding, isolating, and protecting other components in the circuit. Used to securely connect two or more wires




1. How do I connect terminal block with cable?

  • Steps to use a Terminal block with cable wire:

1. Open the housing of wire to 9-10 mm.

2. Push the orange lever to 90°.

3. Plug the wires.

4. Press the lever to close the clamp. 


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