Slide Switch

A slide switch is a switch that is triggered by dragging a lever or tab along a fixed track. These are simple to use and may be configured to regulate single or numerous circuits.

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Slide Switches


Slide Switches are commonly used switches with a movable lever on it. When moving the lever, the ON-OFF operation is executed.

Slide Switches usually have 2 Operations- ON & OFF. Robocraze had 3 Types of Slide Switches - 2 Way Slide Switch, 4 Way Slide Switch, 8 Way Slide Switch.


Slide Switch Price in India:

Item NamePrice Inc GST. (as of 15 Nov)
2 Way Slide Switch 2.54mm Pitch (Pack of 2)Rs. 21
4 Way Slide Switch 2.54mm Pitch (Pack of 2)Rs. 24
8 Way Slide Switch 2.54mm Pitch (Pack of 2)Rs. 25

Applications of Slide Switch:

The slide switch is widely used in the modulation of the CPUs, wireless communication devices, broadcast, and TV, in the software programming for the automated equipment, and in the self-control of the NC equipment and other instruments and meters.


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