Power Connectors

An electrical connection known as a power jack is used to attach a power supply cord to an appliance. It normally comprises of a male plug on the cord's end that slips into a female socket on the appliance.

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Power Connectors/Jack

A Power connector is a device that accepts electrical current for the sole purpose of powering devices. A DC connector or DC plug is a common type of connector that is an electrical connector for supplying direct current (DC). A DC plug is typically used with a transformer plug to reduce the voltage to a level acceptable to the device in question. For this reason, it is important to always check the transformer and power outlet before connecting the DC plug to any electrical equipment. Giving the wrong amount of energy can have dire consequences.


Types of Power Jack Connectors 

Most commonly used power connectors are of 4 types: Male Jack Connector, Female Jack Connector, Male Plug & Female Plug.

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DC Power Female Plug Jack Adapter Connector


DC Power Male Plug Jack Adapter Connector


DC Jack (Pack of 5)

One-Sided Micro USB To USB Power Cable 2.0 2-Pin Wire (1 Meter)35/-
5mm DC Jack Male Connector with Wire24/-


Applications of Power Plugs:

  • CCTV Security Camera DC Male & Female Power Plug
  • Audio Devices 
  • LED Strips
  • Adapter Connector

Uses of Power Connectors/Jack

Easier for camera installation, save time and more securer cable connection. For 1- 24 Volt Power Supply, 5.5 x 2.1 mm Connectors, CCTV Cable Connection, Security Camera, Video Balun Led Strip Extension, DIY Board. Best choice for LED strip lights, CCTV Camera, Audio & Video connection.



1. What does a jack connector do?

  • A jack accepts a plug pin.

2. What is a 3.5 mm connector?

  • The 3.5mm headphone jack is an industry standard audio connector. The most common use is to connect stereo headphones to your smartphone, or to route audio from your smartphone to an external amplifier in your home or car. Depending on the number of connection rings, the headphones can also have a microphone.

3. What is the difference between a plug and a jack?

  • Generally, A plug can is used to insert in a jack. A jack is a hole or other connection that allows a compatible plug to be connected to the jack.

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