DIY Drone Kits

An assortment of parts and components that may be used to assemble a drone from scratch is known as a DIY drone kit. A frame or body, motors, propellers, a flying controller, and other required parts are frequently included in these kits.

Buy DIY Drone Kits Online in India

Explore a list of the best DIY drone kits and quadcopter assembly kits. From Quadcopter DIY Combo Kit, Drone frame, LiPo Battery, GPS module, Flight controller and BLDC Motors, Remote control we have it all!


DIY Drone Kits Prices in India:


DIY Drone Kit with WiFi and Camera


DIY Drone Kit with Manual (Camera Not Included)


Heliway 902 Series 6 Axis Quadcopter Kit


F450 Quadcopter Frame Kit with A2212 KV1000 Brushless Motor and 4 30A ESC and 2 Pair 1045 Propeller


Quadcopter DIY Drone Combo Kit for Beginner


A2212 1400KV Brushless Motor + SimonK 30A ESC + 1045 Propeller Set


DJI Naza-M Lite Multi-Rotor Quadcopter Flight Controller System


A2212 1400KV BLDC Motor and Simonk 30A ESC for RC Drones


DIY CX-002 Lark Quadcopter


DIY 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Mini Quadcopter Kit




1.Is it cheaper to build your own DIY Drone?

  • The DIY Drone price when bought or built at home varies based on the functions and applications of the quadcopter kit. Buying a DIY Drone is worth it if you are looking for a fun new hobby. A cheap starter DIY Drone is the best choice if you just want to experience the thrill of flying.
  • Building your own rc DIY Drone requires a good research and technical knowledge along with the best components suitable for your application. The advantage of building your own DIY Drone gives you the utmost satisfaction, enriches your skills and easy to upgrade. Each part of your DIY Drone kit can be replaced or changed with an improved one. Whereas a purchased DIY Drone cannot be upgraded or replaced with something better. DIY Drone assembly Kit is now easily available online at Robocraze.


2.Can I make a DIY Drone at home?

  • If you are an individual who loves to experiment with every random fixture, screws and settings then building a rc DIY Drone kit at home is advisable. While building you own RC DIY Drone you have the advantage to modify every part or replace it with something of better quality or performance. It’s also a fantastic way to learn exactly how your DIY Drone works and how to control it for the best results. DIY Drone making Kit is now easily available online at Robocraze.


3.How much does a DIY Drone cost?

  • The DIY Drone Kit price will vary with its features and the cost of its components. You can buy DIY Drone Kits India from various online vendors like Robocraze.

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