M5 Stack is modular stackable product development toolkits based on ESP32 (The world’s most popular Wi-Fi SoC, upgrade of ESP8266). The M5 ecosystem consists of the main controller we call it “core”, the stackable modules and bases, grove compatible sensors are known as “units” and different applications for STEM, makers, and industry IoT. M5 Stack is committed to providing easy-to-develop and cost-effective IoT devices.

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M5Stack is a stackable product development toolkit on ESP32 development system. The M5Stack ESP32 development system is the most popular Wi-Fi SOC, which is an upgrade of ESP8266. The M5Stack is an extremely powerful yet low-cost chip that includes features like Wifi and Bluetooth, it is portable, easy to use, and has become very popular in recent times. The main controller in the M5Stack ecosystem is called the M5Stack core. The other parts like the stackable modules and bases, grove compatible sensors are called units. It is committed to developing easy-to-use and cost-effective IoT devices. In 2018 M5Stack 60+ SKU became a strategic partner of Espressif. Its products have been integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT solutions.


M5Stack Prices in India


M5Stack Core2 ESP32 IoT Development KitRs. 4,875
M5 Stack ATOM LiteRs. 849
Universal IOT Experiment Kit for ESP32Rs. 16,950
M5 Stack Battery Module for ESP32 Core Development KitRs. 790

You can now buy M5Stack in India with Robocraze. M5Stack India at Robocraze has various M5Stack development kits where you can buy M5Stack development board watch kit, Universal IoT experiment kit for ESP32, M5Stack fire IoT development kit, and M5Stack atom lite. Coming to the M5Stack camera range offered by M5Stack India at Robocraze there is a wide range of products that you could choose from. Also if you are in India and looking for modules from M5Stack India we at Robocraze have a range of M5Stack modules you could choose from that would cater to your required application. Along with this if you want to buy M5Stack sensors and hats you will find everything you want for sure. You can also find a wide range of M5Stack India other products offered here on our site.

The most popular products of M5Stack are the development kits you can Buy M5Stack Development Kits directly from the website as we have a range of different M5Stack development kits you could choose from like: 
1. M5Stack Development Board Watch kit: This watch kit comes excluding the core, it offers powerful hardware, it is equipped with a 700mAh Lithium battery, and gives a sophisticated look. 
2. Universal IOT experiment kit for ESP32: This kit is fully compatible with M5Stack stackable and extendable system. Which is an all-in-one learning board. 
3. M5Stack Fire IOT development kit: Aim to buy an M5Stack cost-effective kit that has both wifi and Bluetooth dual mode IoT controller? Then you must go for the M5Stack Fire IoT development kit. 
4. M5Stack M5Go: This is a go-to kit if you are fairly new and planning to start working on the M5Stack for your nice application.

Would you like to make an end product with large battery life? Perhaps the M5GO base and the basic base are not sufficient for you. You can opt for the M5Stack battery extension module as a 750mAh battery add-on. To maximize power endurance, you can stack multiple Lipo batteries in parallel as they work in parallel.


M5Stack Arduino: You can program M5Stack using the Arduino IDE. Other Supportive development platforms and programming languages are Blockly languages, UIFlow and Micropython. Irrespective of what level of programming skill you have, M5Stack would guide you every step of the way to realize your idea till you reach the final productization.


What does the M5Stack do?

M5Stack is an extremely powerful yet low-cost chip that has Wifi and Bluetooth and has easy programming similar to the very familiar Arduino IDE. M5Stack can be used for : 
Internet Of Things Terminal Controller 
Stem Education Product 
DIY Creation 
Smart Home equipment 

What is M5Stack core? 

The main controller in the M5Stack ecosystem is called the M5Stack core. It is based on ESP32 development platform.