An SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) switch is an electrical switch with two positions, each linked to a different terminal. It is frequently used to manage a single circuit from two distinct places or to switch between two different circuits.

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Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Switches

SPDT stands for Single Pole Double Throw. In SPDT switches, there is a common terminal to which voltage and current are applied to the switch, which can be directed to either a normally open terminal or a normally closed terminal. The direction of current flow is usually determined by a mechanical roller lever that actuates the switch. SPDT switches have three terminals: NO (normally open), NC (normally closed), and C (common). Input current enters the switch through ground, creating a circuit with NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) contacts.

Applications of SPDT Switches:

SPDT Switches are Often called 2 way switch. For example, you can use an SPDT switch to turn on the red lamp in one position and turn on the green lamp in another position. A SPDT toggle switch can be used as a simple on/off switch.


SPDT Switch Price on Robocraze India

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Rocker switch 16A 250V SPDT 4 PIN Red LED26
Rocker switch 6A 250V SPDT 3 PIN Red LED21
Rocker switch 16A 250V SPDT 3PIN Red LED29
6 A 250V 3 pin SPDT ON-OFF Rocker Switch (JL MRS 102 BK)16
Sub-Miniature Toggle Switch(Pack of 5)49



1. Is SPDT a two way switch?

  • Yes, SPDT is a 2 Way Switch. The reason why  SPDT is called as a 2 Way Switch is because it has 2 operations: ON-OFF. 

2. What is SPDT toggle switch?

  • SPDT toggle switches are electromechanical switches that use a lever or rod as the actuator for on/off operation. The operation of this switch can be locked manually or with an electromagnetic coil.

3. What are SPDT switches used for?

  • SPDT Switches are basically uses in simple circuits where two dissimilar outputs are requires with just one input. These kind of switches are mostly used in water dispenser, treadmill, speaker, battery car, motorcycle, coffee machines, row plug, Electric Equipment, Industrial Machine, Home Lamps, and so on.

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