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The Arduino boards are microcontroller-based kits that enable users to build a range of interactive things such as robots and DIY kits. The Arduino programming language and the Arduino Integrated Development Environment are used to create them (IDE). Hobbyists, educators, and professionals utilise these boards for a range of applications, including IoT devices and home automation systems.

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Buy Original Arduino Boards Online in India

Buy Original Arduino boards made in Italy. Each board has a unique barcode and traceable serial code. Arduino's original microcontroller boards are popular among robotics enthusiasts looking for a durable and high-quality Arduino board.

Arduino is a popular open-source electronics platform that allows you to create interactive projects using hardware and software. Arduino boards are microcontroller boards that can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, a cross-platform application that supports various languages and libraries


Original Arduino Boards Prices in India?

The cost of an Original Arduino is usually always significantly more expensive as it’s an imported product and the cost covers various licensing fees, testing, validation, etc. 

Arduino TypeTentative Price (in INR)
Arduino Uno1699
Arduino Nano1499
Arduino Mega2849
Arduino Due2999


1.How do I know that my Arduino is original?

  • There are a couple of visual indicators that can help you determine if you got a genuine or a counterfeit Arduino.
    • Original Arduino’s have their PCB’s teal in colour while counterfeit Arduinos are usually deep blue (or any colour for that matter).
    • The fonts on an original board will be much more cleaner while fake boards tend to use different and more rigid fonts
    • There should be a clear map of italy behind the board, indicating that the board is indeed made from Italy, Fake boards tend to either completely lack this or have an incorrect map of italy
    • All PCB tracks are intricately woven into the board itself and do not look exposed like most fake boards tend to look like.
    • Finally, 501K component next to the voltage regulator is generally green on fake boards. The green one is similar to the original gold black component found in the original Arduino, but the specific colour is custom made for original Arduinos
    • Original Arduino comes in an original Arduino brand packaging.

2.Are fake Arduinos good?

  • Fake Arduinos usually wouldn’t be tested as extensively as an original Arduino would be. Hence for maximum reliability, it is better to invest in an original version as compared to a fake off the shelf board for a lower price. However for hobby grade projects, a counterfeit Arduino will be more than sufficient. It is always a good idea to shop for compatible Arduinos from reliable sellers. Robocraze ensures extensive QC testing and quality even for the compatible Arduinos. Moreover, their technical support team ensures that you will have after sales support in case you face issues while working on your project..

3.What is the difference between an authentic Arduino and a clone?

  • Arduino is an open-source electronics platform. Its hardware design files are released officially by the Arduino company, under a Creative Commons License. The clones work exactly as the original Arduino boards, the only difference being that the clones are not as extensively tested by the manufacturers as extensively as the original boards.

4.Who makes the original Arduino?

  • The original Arduino hardware was produced by the Italian company Smart Projects. Some Arduino-branded boards have been designed by the American companies SparkFun Electronics and Adafruit Industries

5.Where can I buy original Arduinos online in India?

  • You can get original Arduinos online from various authorized vendors online like Robocraze. Make sure you know how to differentiate between an original Arduino and clones compatible with Arduino, so that you’ll be able to immediately identify as soon as you receive the product.

6.Can I buy the original Arduino at a shop near me?

  • Although not all sellers stock the original Arduino boards, some of the bigger shops maintain an inventory for the original boards, or are able to arrange against it from suppliers against orders. Robocraze is an authorized vendor of Arduino, and stocks the original boards.

7.Which Arduino board is best 

  • The best Arduino Board depends always depend on your project requirements like controller, Number of GPIO Pins etc
    • Robotics: Arduino Mega is a good option for small to medium-sized robots. In case your robot doesn’t require many ports, you can start off with Arduino Uno or Nano, depending on the board size constraints.
    • 3D Printer: Arduino Mega is the most preferred Arduino board for building a 3D printer, since it gives you enough ports to work with a greater number of 3D printer accessories
    • Quadcopter: Best Arduino board for Quadcopter is smaller versions of Arduino boards like the Nano or Pro mini are ideal.
      Embedded Systems: Arduino boards like Nano and Pro Mini would be ideal for this application. 
    • Automation: Any Arduino can be used for automation. Your requirement will only change based on the required number of GPIO pins. Mega and Nano are the most common choice for Automation based projects.
    • Engineering Projects: Arduino Uno would be a great starting board for all sorts of engineering projects. In case a greater number of GPIO pins are required, you can always move onto the Mega

8.Which is the latest arduino board

  • Arduino UNO is the latest revision of the basic Arduino USB board. It connects to the computer with a standard USB cable and contains everything else you need to program and use the board. It can be extended with a variety of shields: custom daughter boards with specific features. It is similar to the Duemilanove but has a different USB-to-serial chip the ATMega8U2, and newly designed labelling to make inputs and outputs easier to identify.

9.Which is the fastest Arduino?

  • The fastest Arduino suitable for most applications is the Arduino Due, with a clock speed of 84 Mhz and a typical cost of $40. A faster processor can be found on the Portenta H7, which can run up to 480 Mhz

10.What should I buy? Original Arduino or compatible boards?

  • For hobby projects or prototyping, you may want to purchase the compatible boards as effectively they are as efficient as the original Arduino boards. They are compatible with the Arduino IDE. However, for industrial applications, it is recommended to opt for original boards for maximum reliability and accuracy.

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