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A breadboard is a tool for prototyping electrical circuitry. It is made out of a plastic base with several holes where wires and electrical parts may be quickly placed. For electronic engineers and enthusiasts, these are necessary tools.

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When you first start learning circuits, the most fundamental approach is to learn it on a breadboard. The word breadboard originally means the actual board used to chop bread at home. Years ago, when electronics were big and bulky people would grab their mother’s breadboards to actually use them as a base board. Hence the name breadboard stuck by.


Breadboard Electronics are actually referred to as solderless breadboards. They are fantastic units for making temporary circuits and prototyping, they require absolutely no soldering and are perfect for prototyping and testing.


Breadboard Prices in India

GL12 MB102 840 Points BreadboardRs. 77
400 Tie Points Solderless BreadboardRs. 63
170 Points Mini BreadboardRs. 39
Breadboard Power Supply (3.3V-5V)Rs. 70

Data last updated on 01/06/2022

There are two types of breadboards: 

  1. Solder Breadboard: Solder breadboards are boards you have to solder components onto. Examples of these boards are your standard circuit boards. If you flip them over you will see how they are soldered. An Example of a solder breadboard is a Veroboard. On Veroboard, you can build circuits by soldering. On our website Robocraze, you can find different Veroboard online. 
  2. Solderless Breadboard: Solderless breadboards are these breadboards we are talking about. They can be used for prototyping and testing.  A type of solderless breadboard is Mini breadboards or small breadboards that have a self-adhesive backing. They have only 170 tie points on which you could test simple circuits. These mini breadboards have a peel and stick adhesive type of backing.   


What is an Arduino breadboard? 

When the breadboard is the construction base and is used to develop electronic circuits and wiring projects with Arduino microcontroller boards they are called Arduino breadboards. It is the most common experiment to start with in electronics and communication engineering.


Breadboard Power Supply: The breadboard power supply has 3.3Volts/ 5Volts selectable output on two channels. The maximum breadboard power supply is 700mA. You can select the output by changing the jumper wires separately.  


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What is a breadboard used for?

A breadboard is used for temporary electronic circuit testing and is used to carry out prototyping and circuit testing experimentation. 


Are breadboards still used?

Yes, breadboards are still very prominently used. They are used by engineering students and also engineering graduates who work in the electronic industry for testing purposes.


Why do we use a breadboard rather than a PCB?

We use breadboards rather than PCB because you don't really require soldering to actually test your circuit, and hence they are less permanent as compared to the PCB boards. Breadboards are widely used to test circuits. Only once the circuit is finalized, it is sent for PCB board printing. 


What can you build with a breadboard?

You can build almost any circuit with a breadboard. A few examples are:

  1. Night light sensor.
  2. Overhead Water Tank Level Indicator.
  3. Fire Alarm System.
  4. LED Dimmer.
  5. Police Siren.
  6. Touch Point-based Calling Bell.
  7. Automatic Toilet Delay Lighting.
  8. Kitchen Timer

How do you power a breadboard? 

Slide the stripped end of your jumper wire through the hole, and screw the post back down until the wire is firmly connected. Typically, you only need to connect a power and ground wire from the posts to the breadboard. If you need an alternate power source, you can use the third post.


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