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A relay module is a type of electronic component that controls and switches electrical circuits. It is made up of a coil, contacts, and a spring-loaded armature. Controlling high-voltage or high-current circuits using a low-voltage or low-current control signal is frequent.

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Looking for relay switches that open and close electronic circuits? We have a range of relays that will be instrumental in your robotic projects. 


Relay Switches Prices in India

Item NamePrice Inc. GST (As of 30th Sep. 2022)
12V Relay Cube12
6V Relay Cube14
5V Relay Cube17
9V Relay Cube45
12V 8-Channel Relay board310
5V 1 Channel made in INDIA - GL Make36
JQX-15F(T90) Coil Voltage DC 24V 6 Pin Power Relay54
24V Relay Cube (Pack of 2)53
5V 30A 1-Channel Relay Module181
Waveshare Modbus RTU 8-channel Relay Module RS4852599
12V 30A T90 Relay47
5 Pin 48V DC Coil Voltage Electromagnetic Power Relay79
Multifunction Delay Relay Switch Module474
DC 6V To 30V One Way Relay Module279
16 Channel 12V Relay Module Board593
12 V 1 Channel Relay Board Module53
5V 1 Channel SSR Module146
NE555 Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module77
5V 8 Channel SSR Module958
5V 2 Channel SSR Module378
SLA 12VDC 4Pin 30A Power Relay65
SLA 5V DC 4Pin 30A Power Relay49
4 Channel Relay Wireless Module731
FOTEK Solid State Relay SSR-25DA 25A317
NE555 5V Delay Timer67
5V 16 Channel Relay Module625
12 V 1 Channel Relay Board47
12V 4CH Relay Board209
12V 2CH Relay Board80
4 Channel Solid State Relay552
FOTEK 24V-380V 40Amp DA Solid State Relay Module408
Time Delay Relay Module (0-10 seconds)60
8 Channel 5V Relay Board247
4-Channel 5V Relay Board130
2-Ch 5V relay Board69
1CH 5v Optocoupler Relay Board62
2 CH 12V Relay Board135
1 CH 5V Relay Board49
8-CH 12V ULN2003 Based Relay Board424
4-CH 12V Relay Board178
1-CH 12V Relay Board60

What is a relay?

A relay is an electronic switch used to cause switching action of different components with an electrical signal as opposed to a mechanical actuation. It is either done purely electrically or electromechanically.


What are the types of relays?

There are many different types of relays - each used in different scenarios or applications

  • Attraction Type Electromagnetic Relays
  • Induction Type Relays
  • Magnetic Latching Relays
  • Solid State Relays
  • Hybrid Relay
  • Thermal Relay
  • Reed Relay

What ways can I use relays in a robotics project?

Relays can be used in places where mechanical switches are generally used. This enables you to implement wireless control over those switches and thereby make the whole project/product more sophisticated. Relays are also used in places where automations are used, mainly acted upon by a trigger.

What is a bad relay?

A bad relay would be a relay that may have been internally damaged. In electromechanical relays, sometimes the mechanical actuator can break or stop working due to build up of dust over time. In a solid state relay, the transistor that operates the relay could get damaged if the voltage supplied to the relay was much greater than what the relay was designed to handle


What is a relay switch? Is it the same as a relay?

Relay switches are just another colloquial term used for relay. As relays are used for switching on/off circuits electrically, it can be sometimes referred to as a relay switch - generally indicating that a mechanical switch was replaced by a relay.

Where can I buy relays online?

Relays can be obtained from almost all online stores including Robocraze. But specific types of relay may vary in availability.

Where can I buy relays at a shop near me?

Relays are available in most electronic stores. However more specific types of relay may be a bit more difficult to find

What is the cost of relays in India?

Relays can vary in cost substantially depending on the manufacturer, rating, extra features like circuit protection, material used, etc.


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