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Compatible with Arduino can refer to a variety of things, but it usually refers to a product that supports development with the Arduino IDE. The thing is, most of these boards use Atmel processors, but some do not. These are guaranteed to be functionally identical.

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Arduino Compatible boards are boards that are designed to be compatible with the official Arduino boards. These boards use the same microcontroller chips as the original Arduino boards, such as the Atmel AVR, SAM, or ARM Cortex. and have the same pinout as the official boards.


Arduino-compatible shields are add-on boards that can be attached to an Arduino microcontroller board to provide additional functionality or capabilities. Shields are designed to fit onto the standard headers of an Arduino board and typically stack on top of the main board. They can add features like WiFi connectivity, GPS, motor control, display capabilities, and more.


Arduino Compatible Boards Prices In India


As the original Arduino is an imported product and includes various other fees in the price like testing, validation, licensing, etc., it is comparatively more expensive than the compatible boards. 

Boards Compatible with Arduino


Mega 2560 Pro ATmega2560 Board


WeMos D1 Board


Uno R3 Board


ATMEGA16U2 MEGA 2560 R3 Board


3.3V 8M Pro Mini ATMEGA328P board


Nano Board R3 compatible with Arduino


LilyPad 328 ATmega328P Main Board


Leonardo R3 Board


Due AT91SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 Board




1. What is the Difference between Original Arduino boards and Counterfeit or clone Arduino boards?

In case your board does indeed look exactly like the Arduino, here are the visual inspections you can do in order to determine if the product is genuine or not.


Original Arduino’s have their PCB’s teal in colour while counterfeit Arduinos are usually deep blue (or any colour for that matter).

The fonts on an original board will be much more cleaner while fake boards tend to use different and more rigid fonts

There should be a clear map of italy behind the board, indicating that the board is indeed made from Italy, Fake boards tend to either completely lack this or have an incorrect map of italy

All PCB tracks are intricately woven into the board itself and do not look exposed like most fake boards tend to look like.

Finally, the 501K component next to the voltage regulator is generally green on fake boards. The green one is similar to the original gold black component found in the original Arduino, but the specific colour is custom made for original Arduinos


2. What should I buy? Original Arduino or compatible boards?

For hobby projects or prototyping, you may want to purchase the compatible boards as effectively they are as efficient as the original Arduino boards. They are compatible with the Arduino IDE.

However, for industrial applications, it is recommended to opt for Original boards for maximum reliability and accuracy.


3. Is there a difference in capability or features between Original Arduino vs compatible boards?

Since Arduino officially releases its hardware design files under a Creative Commons License, most of the compatible boards are of equal cadre. 

In fact, boards compatible with Arduino can sometimes have additional features as compared to the original Arduino. For example, Express if ESP which is an Arduino IDE compatible board comes with WiFi and in-built bluetooth


4. Where can I buy compatible Arduino boards in India, online?

Robocraze does a quality check on all of their products, and provides technical support after your sales. You can buy a variety of Arduino compatible boards from online stores like Robocraze.

5. Can I buy the compatible Arduino boards at a shop near me?

Most electronic shops at your local city market stock boards compatible with Arduino. In order to ensure best quality, experts advise to buy from trusted sellers or authorized sellers.


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