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A heat sink is a device that dissipates heat from an electrical component or gadget. It is comprised of a high thermal conductivity material, such as aluminium or copper, and is meant to transmit heat away from the component.

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The most common thermal solution product is an aluminium heatsink. After iron, aluminium (aluminium) is the metal that is used the most globally. Aluminium is the third most prevalent element in the Earth's crust, following silicon and oxygen. Extruded aluminium heat sinks in particular meet the requirements of the majority of projects. The metal is thin and has a respectable level of thermal conductivity. 

Aluminium Heat sink working

First, the degree of thermal conductivity varies amongst metals. The efficiency with which a metal transfers heat increases with its thermal conductivity. Aluminium is one of the most popular metals used in heat sinks. Thermal conductivity of aluminium is 235 watts per Kelvin per metre (W/mK).

Heat sinks are very important electronic components as to keep the temperature around a lighting device under control and to ensure the product has a long operating life, a heat sink is necessary. A heat sink is used to regulate temperature when a device's design cannot efficiently dissipate surplus heat into the surrounding air.

Heat Sink Prices in India

Heat Sink NameHeatsink Price
3 in 1 Raspberry Pi Aluminium Heat Sink for Pi 3₹ 14/- 
120mm Aluminium CPU Heatsink 332/- 
Raspberry Pi 3 in 1 Heat Sink Aluminium for Raspberry Pi 4B (White) - Pack of 1₹ 48/- 
80mm Aluminium CPU Heatsink₹ 370/- 










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1. Is aluminium good for heat sink?

The most typical material used in heat sinks is aluminium. Extruded aluminium heat sinks in particular meet the requirements of the majority of projects. The metal is thin and has a respectable level of thermal conductivity.

2. What type of aluminium is used for heat sinks?

A Guide to Heat Sink Aluminium Alloy Selection

The 6000 family of aluminium alloys are the best choice since they are sturdy, pliable, and perfect for extrusion. The Alloys 6060, 6061, and 6063 series are the most popular for designing heat sinks out of these.

3. Which heat sink is best?

Aluminum is a great material for most heat sinks since it is lightweight, affordable, and simple to manufacture. The most popular alloys are alloys 6061 and 6063, whereas alloys 1050 and 1100 are purer and have a somewhat higher conductivity. The thermal conductivity of it is around half that of copper.

5. Is heat sink removable?

Yes, heat sinks are removable. Use a hair dryer and turn the heat and fan all the way up. Use pliers to slowly twist the heatsink back and forth until the chip is released as the heatsink becomes hot.

6. Do we need heat sink for raspberry pi? 

The Raspberry Pi 4 operates well under normal circumstances without the need for any kind heat sink for raspberry pi, and software throttling maintains everything within safe operating ranges. However, you should certainly need a set of high-quality heatsinks if you're overclocking or utilizing bespoke software.