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The ESP module is a microcontroller and is equipped with WiFi capabilities making it an ideal choice for IoT projects. This acts as a bridge for communication between various devices.

Buy ESP WiFi Module Online in India 

Looking for online ESP modules for applications in the Internet of things? To help you get started, we have stocked up ESP 8266 WiFi Modules, development boards, and camera modules.


ESP Module Prices in India


ESP32 Camera Module






NodeMCU-32 Wifi+Bluetooth ESP32 Development Board(38 Pin)


Node MCU ESP8266 V3 (LOLIN CH340 chip)


ESP32 Node MCU Development Board with Wifi and Bluetooth (CP2102 Driver, 30 PIN)


ESP-12 D1 Mini V2 Board


ESP12E Amica NodeMCU


ESP8266 Wroom Downloader


5V ESP8266 WiFi Relay Module


Witty Cloud ESP12F Module


USB to UART ESP-01 CH340 Programmer


Wii-Link N2450 2.4 Ghz 4DB WiFi Omnidirectional Antenna - IPEX-IPX (Set of 2)


ESP32 LoRa with Display - 863MHz-928MHz SX1276


Lolin Node MCU base


Witty Fox - ESP32 Storm Board 


Witty Fox - ESP32 Storm Board with On-Board Li-ion Battery & Wireless Programming


ESP-01S DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor module


Seeed Studio Wio Link Wireless Development Board


ESP-07 Wifi Module


Ai Thinker ESP-01F ESP8285 Serial WiFi Module


ESP8285 Wi-Fi SoC Module




ESP8266 12F


ESP32 Wroom Programming Jig


WeMos Lolin V1.0 wifi+Bluetooth


IOT Starter Kit


WiFi Kit 32


Witty Fox - ESP Programmer | USB to TTL Converter


ESP8266 12F


MH-ET Live ESP 32 Module


What is the ESP WiFi Module in IoT?

ESP is a microcontroller by a company called Expressif. They mainly come in two versions ESP8266 (NodeMCU) and it’s successor, the more powerful ESP32. Both ESP are compact and have in built Wifi in them allowing you to make it the main brains of any IoT product


What are the types of ESP WiFi Modules?

ESP’s come in mainly two types ESP8266 & ESP32

They vary in their specs, with ESP32 being the more powerful version. Other boards are based on one of these two microcontrollers like the ESP32 Cam module which is a camera module with ESP32 built in.


What does an ESP WiFi Module do?

ESP modules can be programmed to do anything. It is considered as a better version of Arduino as it has features like built-in wifi, compact design and many GPIO pins for interfacing. It is suitable for most IoT products


Which ESP WiFi module is the best for a robotics project?

ESP32 might be better suited for robotics as it has a more powerful dual core processor, bluetooth and a lot more GPIO pins to interface with various sensors and actuators that may be required in a robotics project - as compared to ESP8266


Things to Consider before buying ESP 8266


How does ESP8266 work?

ESP8266 is a microcontroller that can be programmed using an Arduino IDE or ESP-IDF. It is developed by Expressif and can be used for various purposes.


What is the range of the ESP8266 WiFi Module?

With the built-in antenna, the ESP only has a range of about a couple of meters. However the range can be extended using an external antenna.


How do I test the ESP8266 8266WiFi Module?

You can check whether the ESP module is fully functioning by running an example code under ESP8266Wifi called “Wifi Scan” provided in the ESP8266 library. This will scan for available wifi networks and print it out on your serial monitor. Thus you can ensure that the module works as the way it should


How can I connect the ESP 8266 WiFi Module to Arduino

ESP8266 can be connected to Arduino via the UART pins. 

  • Enable SoftwareSerial on Arduino via IDE and connect the Tx and Rx pins of the ESP module to the Rx and Tx you have defined in your code
  • VCC of ESP has to be connected to 3.3V
  • GND of the ESP needs to be connected to GND of Arduino

With UART line enabled, you can share any information between ESP and the Arduino vial Serial.print() command in the Arduino IDE.


How do I connect an ESP 32 to WiFi?

ESP32 can be connected to Wifi the same way as ESP8266. Assuming you have the ESP32 board installed in your Arduino IDE, you can proceed to write the below code, replacing the ssid and password with your own network’s


#include "WiFi.h"

const char* ssid = "yourNetworkName";

const char* password =  "yourNetworkPass";

void setup() {


  WiFi.begin(ssid, password);

  while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {


    Serial.println("Connecting to WiFi..");


  Serial.println("Connected to the WiFi network");


void loop() {}


What is ESP 32 used for?

ESP32 can be used for almost any IoT product. Due to their compact design and a lot of available features and GPIO pins, it is an ideal microcontroller to be used as the brains of any low powered device. It is a fantastic replacement for Arduino and an improved version of ESP8266.


What is the ESP32 camera Module?

ESP32 Camera Module is a tiny camera that comes with an ESP32 chip as well as an SD Card. It was created by AIThinker and it is an integrated, cheap and all in one module in case you have a specific application of using cameras with a microcontroller.


What is the difference between ESP 32 and ESP 8266 WiFi Module?

There are a few key differences in capability between EP8266 and ESP32 - ESP32 being the overall better version. Few of the main differences are listed below:

Dual Core ProcessorSingle Core Processor
Bluetooth 4.0No Bluetooth
36 GPIO Pins17 GPIO Pine
16 PWM Pins8 PWM Pins
4 SPI Channels2 SPI Channels
Capable of supporting CAN networksDoes not support CAN Networks















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