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With the right mechanical accessories, your 3D printing experience can be elevated to new heights of precision and efficiency! So, brace yourself and dive into the labyrinth of 3D printer add-ons to discover the key to effortless and awe-inspiring prints.

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1. Can 3D printers make metal parts?

  • It is possible to make similar mechanical parts from 3D printer but the parts won't be of metal. As 3D printer used ABS or PLA Filament the printed material will be of that material as well.

2. Are 3D Printers legal in India?

  • Yes, As long as you are not printing any illegal objects such as gun or harmful substance, 3D Printers are legal in India.

3. How much does 3D printer cost in India?

  • If you are willing to make your own DIY 3D printer Kit using mechanical accessories, it would cost Approx. 25k to 35k INR.

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