Lead Screws & Nuts

A 3D printer lead screw is a threaded rod that moves the print bed or extruder assembly on the Z-axis (up and down).

A 3D printer nut is a small component that is used to fasten and secure parts of a 3D printer.

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Lead Screws & Nuts Price In India


Trapezoidal Screw 300mm rod with Copper Nut

Rs. 348

Trapezoidal Screw 400mm rod with Copper Nut

Rs. 491

Trapezoidal Screw 500mm rod with Copper Nut

Rs. 537



1. What gauge wire is used in 3D printers?

  • In a Ender 3 3D Printer, 1 Meter 12 Gauge Silicone Power Wire is used.

2. How do you embed nuts in a 3D printer?

  • Printer tolerances are the most important factor when embedding lead screws and nuts into 3D printed parts. The Mark Two has a 0.05-0.08mm gap  on each side for a good fit. Check If the gap is too large, the print material will not adhere properly to the insert. The insert will not fit if there is not enough space.


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