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Need to measure static load or quasi-static load? Buy load cells (electronic weighing scale sensors) at the lowest price in India. Stacked up load cells that weigh everything between 1kg, 10kgs, 20kgs, 40kgs and 100kgs. 

What is a load sensor?

A load cell is a type of transducer, specifically a force transducer. It converts a force such as tension, compression, pressure, or torque into an electrical signal. As the force applied to the load cell increases, the electrical signal changes proportionally.


What is the use of a load sensor?

A load cell (or loadcell) is a transducer which converts force into a measurable electrical output. Load cells are sometimes used where intrinsic safety and hygiene are desired, and hydraulic load cells are considered in remote locations, as they do not require a power supply. Load cells have great importance and applications in the weighing industry.


What are the types of load sensors?

  • Pneumatic Load Cell: A pneumatic load cell consists of an elastic diaphragm which is attached to a platform surface where the weight will be measured. An air regulator is integrated with the load cell to flow of air pressure to the system and a pressure gauge.
  • Hydraulic Load Cell: These load cells are similar to pneumatic load cells but instead of air, they use the pressurized liquid. They consist of an elastic diaphragm, piston with a loading platform on top of the diaphragm, Oil or water that will be inside the piston and bourdon tube pressure gauge. When a load is placed on the loading platform the piston applies pressure to the liquid contained inside it. The pressure increase of the liquid is proportional to the applied force or weight.
  • Strain Gauge Load Cells: A strain gauge load cell is a transducer that changes in electrical resistance when under stress or strain. The electrical resistance is proportional to the stress or strain placed on the cell making it easy to calibrate into an accurate measurement.
  • Capacitive Load Cells: Capacitive load cells work on the principle of capacitance, which is the ability of a system to store a charge. The load cell is made up of two flat plates parallel to each other. The plates will have a current applied to them and once the charge is stable it gets stored between the plates.

How much do load sensors cost?

Load Cells 


4.5in Flex Sensor


20Kg Load Cell


BMP280 Sensor Module


10Kg Load Cell


40Kg Load Cell


Spectra Symbol 12.7 mm Circular Force sensor


HX711 Load Cell Module


Square Force-Sensitive Resistor


Flex Sensor 2.2


50Kg Load Cell


Square shaped Force Sensor


load cell ( 3 KG )


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