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Soil Moisture Sensor Module


Rotary Encoder Module


Sound Sensor Module


Vending Machine Coin Acceptor


HC-89 Interrupt Sensor


Optical Dust Sensor with Cable


Photo Control Automatic Light Based Sensor


Reed Switch


Mini USB Nebulizer Circuit 5VDC 2W 108Khz


Rotary Angle Sensor


Tap sensor module


Rain Drop Sensor Module


DS3231 Real Time Clock Memory Module with Battery


Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor


Multi Coin Acceptor Programable for Vending Machines


Metal Detector Sensor Module


XD-621 Induction Touch Switch


Piezo Sensor


MC-38 Wired Magnetic House Security Alarm Sensor for Door and Windows


Strain Gauge Module




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1. Why are sound sensors used?

  • A sound sensor is a type of module that senses sound. Generally, this module is used to detect sound intensity. Applications of this module mainly include switches, security and monitoring. The accuracy of this sensor can be changed for your convenience. Sound sensors work similarly to human sound detection. It has a diaphragm that converts air pressure vibrations into electrical signals that are sent to a computer. Sound Sensor is used in consumer electronics such as telephones, computers, and music systems. Security and surveillance systems such as intruder alarms, door alarms. Home automation such as detecting a whistle/clap to light up your home instead of physically turning an electrical switch.

2. How does a piezo sensor work?

  • Piezoelectric sensors are devices that use the piezoelectric effect to convert and measure changes in pressure, acceleration, temperature, strain, or force into electrical charge. Piezoelectric pressure sensors exploit this effect by measuring the voltage across a piezoelectric element produced by the applied pressure. They are very robust and are used in various industrial applications.